Breast, Chest, Gallbladder Pain (Intercostal Nerve)

Now one year since you removed the painful right intercostal nerves damaged during my gall bladder surgery with the laparoscope. Here I am dancing with my husband at our 23 wedding anniversary. And I am back into my size 4 jeans too. Thanks again Dr. Dellon. AG


For one year I had pain with eating, moving, changing positions. My Mom found the name for this, ACNE, abdominal wall cutaneous nerve syndrome. You removed that nerve from my abdominal wall, the nerve I injured in gym class. My color is back. I am eating again and the pain is gone. Thanks Dr Dellon. K for T.


Here I am with my two children. All smiles now. 2 years since you removed those nerves from between my damaged ribs after my water skiing accident. All is great here in New South Wales, Australia. Your surgery turned my world back to right side up!! Thanks. Brian Pririe.

intercostal 2 years jason pirie

Here I am back surfing in Australia. That rib pain is completely gone and I am back at work. Txs Dr Dellon. CP

colin p surfing



This patient has had pain for 4 years of right sided chest wall pain after a motorcycle accident due to an injury to a branch of the intercostal nerve.  A branch of the intercostal nerve was identified on physical exam and then removed in the operating room and implanted in the muscle.  His original pain was completely resolved at this operation despite having been present for more than 4 years. 

 Operation peformed by Dr. Eric Williams


This patient has had two years of unremitting breast pain after breast surgery for breast cancer.  We have removed several branches of the intercostal nerves to the left armpit and chest wall.  She is only 24 hours post op and still has significant surgical discomfort, but the character and quality of her pain is completely different.  The neuropathic nature of her pain is gone.

 Operation peformed by Dr. Eric Williams

This patient survived breast cancer and has had breast reconstruction in the left breast.  But she has been plagued with severe left chest wall pain and breast pain for the past two years.  We were able to diagnose that her neuropathic  pain was due to the her intercostal nerves on the left chest wall.  We were able to remove these several branches for her through her prior scars to help her resolve her left chest wall pain.  She is back to running and exercising without pain.   She is 6 weeks out from her surgery.

 Operation peformed by Dr. Eric Williams


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Despite the beautiful left breast reconstruction after cancer, I lived in pain from the original cancer surgery. Could not lift my left arm. After Drs Dellon & Williams removed my damaged intercostal nerves, I am without pain, and with my arm over my husband's shoulder. CH, a survivor




Prayers Answered: I suffered 6 years with pain on the right side of my chest after my gallbladder was removed. In one day you removed that pain (along with the three hurts nerves). Thanks Dr Dellon. Mary Ellen from Kentucky 

      Pain after endoscopic gall bladder surgery.

K. Hanson, Birmingham, Alabama

In January 2004, portions of my 6, 7, and 8th ribs were removed due to a plasmacytoma. The surgeon performed a muscle flap to cover the gap in the ribs. Although the surgeon was successful in getting all of the cancer, I was left with muscle and intercostal nerve damage. Over the past five years I have seen two thoracic surgeons, two plastic surgeons, a neurologist and have been to two pain management clinics. I have had multiple intercostal nerve blocks and epidurals, which worked for a few months, then became ineffective. I formed neuromas on the severed ends of the intercostal nerves. None of the physicians I consulted were willing to take the risk of repairing the damage because of the neural involvement.


I have had chronic excruciating and debilitating pain for five years, managed with morphine and hydrocodone for break-through pain. On February 16, 2009 I went to Gulf Breeze, FL to see Dr. Sean Wolfort with Dellon Institutes. He operated on February 18 and reconstructed muscle, removed a neuroma, buried a nerve in muscle, and removed two large cysts which formed due to muscle pulling away from bone (4 cm and 2 cm).

The difference in my pain level was immediate. I have not taken the morphine since the day before surgery and have not taken hydrocodone in nearly a month. I manage my discomfort with ibuprofen. Dr. Wolfort has been a Godsend. His self-confidence in his abilities and knowledge were comforting and well-deserved.

His positive attitude and genuine concern were like a breath of fresh air after being told numerous times that my pain was in my head and nothing could be done for me. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Wolfort for giving my life back to me.


      Pain after endoscopic gall bladder surgery.




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