Joint Pain (Ankle, Elbow, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist)

Watch me chop onions now! Remember Dr Dellon when i had 4 years of not being able to use my wrist after my injury? X-rays were always normal, but your nerve blocks relieved my pain, and 6 months ago you removed the damaged nerves from my wrist joints. Look at m go now. NO MORE WRIST PAIN. Thank you so much. PE


knee Lufti LaSida fu 12 15 20

Here I am doing competitive swimming. The surgery you did on my knee joint pain 3 years ago saved me. I know want to become a doctor and maybe learn to do there nerve surgery or orthopedic surgery to help others with knee pain. Thank you so much. LL


Dr Dellon holds basketball in center with the Women’s Basketball Team from Emmanuel College from Boston. Their coach, Andrew Yosinoff, to the far left, is also a tennis player, able to play again after Dr. Dellon denervated his right elbow, to relieve his lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). 

It is 23 years since Dr. Dellon denervated my right shoulder. It is great now. I can lift a heavy weight over my head and do everything I want to do. Thank you Dr. Dellon

During our boat cruise in Austria and Germany, I stopped to cycle each day. It is 2 years since you denervated my painful ankle, Dr Dellon, and I can cycle for hours now without pain. Here I am in the city of Melk, Austria, on the Danube river. And the wine is great too! GM

Look at my shoulder work now Dr. Dellon. I know you remember it was paralyzed. You rebuilt the damaged nerve. Look at me go!! A.

Look at me climbing steps with my wife! I am 86 years old. They wanted to replace both my knee joints. My son “the doctor” told me about your operation to denervate my knees and relieve my pain. And you did it Dr. Dellon. Eight weeks ago. Thanks. DS

“Look at me run!!” When you operated on me 5 months ago I was completely disabled. Previous surgery included 14 operations. Both knees in pain since childhood. Left leg was getting paralyzed. I am in rehab, and it is going great. No more knee pain and my left quads are regaining bulk. Thanks so much Dr. Dellon. DS

I am in the blue shirt on the left playing mixed doubles. My high school team just one the divisional semifinals. Check out that right forehand. I was unable to use that right arm due to pain until you operated on me 5 months ago. Thank you Dr. Dellon. Ms T

I just finished the 5 Boro 40 km bike race in NYC. It is now 3 years since you denervated my painful ankle and decompressed by “Morton’s Neuromas” in my left foot. Look at me now. Thanks Dr Dellon. GM

The University where I work as basketball coach has named the gymnasium floor in my honor. That is me, Andrew, in the center of the people, with my 99 year old Dad in the wheelchair on the left of the photo. Here is a photo of me still playing tennis, 7 years after you denervated my right elbow after 5 previous surgeries had failed.Thanks Doc for keeping me in the “game”. AY, Boston

LHE Andrew Yosinoff basketball floor 9 6 17

LHE andrew yosinoff 2017 7 years post op

Hello Dr. Dellon. It is two years since you operated on my knee and common peroneal nerve. My formally weak and painful knee/leg now is doing quite well. Here I am hiking and climbing. Thank you so much. L




I was unable to use my left hand after I fell and broke my wrist two years ago. I am just 16 now. I developed CRPS and the pain prevented me from doing anything. Here is a movie my Dad took of me after your surgery just 6 weeks ago. You denervated my wrist and decompressed one pinched nerve. I can now move my thumb and wrist. And here are some photos of me cooking again. Thank you Dr. Dellon.

joint pain 001

joint pain 002

Ten years since my left knee was denervated and nine years since my right knee was denervated. I hope you remember doing my surgery in Dubai. Sports injuries were my problem. Wanted to show you how great your surgery had done for me. Here I am receiving a tennis medal from a tournament in Dubai, and below are my son and I skiing in Austria. Thanks again Dr. Dellon. DL

knee denervation knee denervation1

I am standing on deck of this sail boat, and sailing. No more knee pain. Your surgery was more than 4years ago and I am doing great. The knee replacement never did help my pain. Your denervation procedure did help me. Thank you Dr. Dellon. MLC

knee pain testimonial 001

Hi. 10 years ago you fixed my right knee pain. Look. Competitive horse riding!. Dr Dellon, that is me in the saddle. Tx. LC

Bridget Flat class

Good Morning Doctor Dellon
I injured my knee during my work as a Police Sergeant, and as a Coach ands a Soccer Trainer for a team of young boy. Also I had a bike accident, Orthopedic surgery could not help the immense pain that remained in my knee. Then your student, Doctor Andreas Gohritz operated on me at the University Hospital in Basle, Switzerland. It was a denervation Surgery.
Since then i’m to 99 % pain-free and i’m able to move freely my knee. I’m also able to knee down.
For recovering my quality of life i‘m very grateful, especially to Doctor Andreas Gohritz.

For you Doctor Lee Dellon i’m also very grateful for your medical innovations, your research and your teaching.

Sincerely, Brigitta Fumagalli-Benz Brigitta



Police work & soccer playing ruined left knee. Dr A. Gohritz did “Dellon-ation,” a knee denervation. Now I am wonderful (wundebar) again.


I am doing well, 3 months since you denervated my knee. I continue to progress with minimal pain and 0 narcotics. Still working through my ability to stand for longer than 2+ hours without pain. Although at this point this is a significant improvement over the 45 minute pain point prior to surgery. I am also still swimming twice weekly so all things considered I am quite happy and most certainly very active. K

My family enjoying a Baltic vacation after you helped relieve my ankle pain. Whole family thanks you Dr Dellon.

joint denervation

Evan after my knee replacement I still had knee pain. Now am able to work at my favorite hobby; model trains. Thanks for fixing my knee pain Dr. Dellon

Knee 3 mo post op Ed Schecter  our trains

Am back working as Fireman and Heavy Equipment Operator. Foot was crushed at work. Dr Dellon you fixed my injured nerves. Tx DH in Pa.

joint pain 2 guys

After 15 months in wheel chair with RSD (CRPS) due to snowboarding injury to left knee, your knee denervation surgery returned my life. Here I am kayaking alone and tubing. My knee works. My skin does not hurt anymore.

denervation rsd foot boy

I wanted to send you an update on the current status of knees 6 months after the last surgery some slight discomfort around the incision sites (which has been improving over time), I'm left virtually with no pain. When I was returning from the last of my four university exams last week, it suddenly struck me what an incredible difference you have made to my life. Only 5 years ago I was unable to sit on a chair for more than 30min without extreme discomfort. Now I have just sat through four three hour exams without feeling any pain at all. This means the world to me and I am looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that have opened up. Having been a very sporty person, I can now return to activities that I have loved in the past.

You made the impossible possible, my dreams come true. I remain forever grateful. Kind regards, Felicity

knee 6 mo sp bilateral Knee Felicity Robson

It's been about 15 months since my surgery, Dr Dellon, at which you denervated my painful knee joint. I'm feeling the best that I have in years! I'm currently playing ice hockey and soccer again for the first time in 5 years. Thanks.

RE in M.

IMG 0028

Mary Lou Cooper Santa FeI can do Zydeco or Country Dancing since you denervated my knee. It is 4 years already.

Thanks Dr Dellon. ML in SF








After 7 right shoulder surgeries, I still couldn’t do this. Dr Dellon, after your shoulder denervation, look at me now at work! SH from IF

should den

knee 11Double knee surgery: check! Homeward bound to Europe. Hoping to get out of the wheelchair and onto my own feet very soon. I would like to thank all my friends and family who have supported me along this 8 year journey that had the strength to carry on beyond all those who doubted that improvement was within reach. Dr. Dellon, you are my hero! So is Oliver Schmidtlein and his tean in Munich, who were always encouraging me to search on and kept my body in the best shape possible. Life, here i come!

Ran 6 miles yesterday Dr Dellon. Thanks for doing my knee denervation 6 months ago. RE from M

IMG 2802

Just 4 weeks since you removed the nerves causing my knee pain. I am ready to go the State Fair with my friends. Tx Dr Dellon, BJ


Sky high thanks to you Dr D. Skying in New Zealand 5 months after you denervated my knee. RE

Knee Ryan Embree 5 mo post op copy

You removed my knee pain Dr Dellon! Here I tango at my wedding & Argentina, my country, enters FIFA finals!!

FAE 2442 FAE 2754

Wonderful. GS, Buenos Aires.

My first college baseball pitching start! Dr Dellon you removed the hurt nerve in my right “thrower’s elbow” one year ago.

Tx. KR

First Freshman Game copy

mary lou cooper exercise bikeNo more knee pain Dr Dellon. That total knee replacement still left me with pain. Your denervation saved me.

MC in SF








No more knee pain. Even though my knee was totally replaced three years ago by Orthopedic Surgeon, knee pain still kept me disabled. Here I am in Hawaii. Biking, whale watching and no more knee pain. One year ago Dr Dellon you denervated my knee. Thank you so much, and my husband Stan thanks you too.

MLC from NM

Can walk around the square in Santa Fe now my knee hurts no longer. The knee replacement did not do it. Still hurt. You did it Dr Dellon. MLC

santa fe

I remained disabled two years ago after my total knee replacement. It is now one year since your partial knee denervation surgery. The sharp pains in my right knee have greatly subsided, and the knee feels the best it has (and likely ever will) since the original knee replacement. For that, we are so grateful for your skill. There is still an achiness and overall sense of a tired right knee if I tour or shop or walk too long—but this is quite different than the sharp, stabbing pains prior to your surgery and more manageable. I just prop the knee up and rest it until I go again. We walk in the square in Santa Fe. I am able to ride the stationary bike 45 minutes, three times a week. Life is good! It’s cold here in Santa Fe but very festive this time of year with farolitas and fires and holiday music. We wish you the merriest of holidays and thank you so much for your care and personal interest! MLC

IMG 0045Congratulate me Dr Dellon. I beat the #1 ranked tennis player in my age group in New England. You tennis elbow denervation returned me to top form when four other surgeries could not.

 AY, Boston









IMG 8167

Look how I can lift my hand over my head now. Two previous shoulder surgeries did not work. Your denervation did the trick. thanks Dr D.










groin knee Charles Brozek 6 mo POpAt work as a valet parking cars in Vegas. Look at that knee working after your denervation Dr. Dellon. Also, in and out of cars without that groin pain that disabled me after hernia surgery.

Tx so much. CB in LV











mowing 800x600   Meditation 800x600

Am back to meditation at the Zen Center in Pittsburgh and also mowing thanks to your peripheral nerve surgery on my knee. Hands Palm-to-Palm, Rev. Roberts



Hi Dr. Dellon,

Brian threw 10 pitches with no problem. He rested 10 minutes and threw another 10 pitches with no problem. Distance was 45'. I thought his motion looked great and effortless. You are seeing his first pitch. Video had to be shortened for email. He was in uniform as he had a game today but don't get alarmed, Brian did not play despite his wanting too. We lost 5-2 i think was the final. I will email tomorrow if he has any soreness appear.

Thanks and have a great day!

Ben Widder

Look Dr Dellon, I am standing without knee pain. Just 6 months since you removed painful nerves. We are off to Italy for vacation.

2-13 Coopers digs in Scottsdale 2

Ciao. ML & SL from NM


IMG 5748 800x600

Seven previous wrist and forearm surgeries did not relieve my wrist pain. Then Dr. Dellon removed the painful nerves to the joint and skin. No more RSD. And I can flex my wrist without pain.


333 800x600

After you removed pailful nerves from both of my knees, my pain is 75% better when I get up from sitting and 100% better with walking. Here we are during our recent trip to Italy, alongside the Arno river in Florence. Doing great thanks to you Dr Dellon.

 Tennis Elbow

tennis 800x600

Am serving in my first tennis tournament since you operated to treat my Tennis Elbow pain. You remember that I had had three surgeries to help my tennis elbow before your surgery. Am doing great. Thanks Dr Dellon.


1004 800x600

I was Dr. Hungerford's patient and had a knee replacement in Nov. 1993 and you fixed the pain in both knees about a year after that. I lived in Northern Virginia and came to him at Good Samaritan Hospital and you operated on me at Children's Hospital, if memory serves me. The knees are still good after 19 years and the nerve removal is still good after 18 years. Everybody asked why I would travel so far to see you . I guess the quality and the longevity of the procedures speaks for itself. Great doctors produce great results.

- Celia S




I am having fun again riding my bike with my friends and daughter thanks to you Dr Dellon. At age 84, and having my knee replaced twice but being left with severe pain, I had given up on life. Now 3 months after you removed those painful nerves from my knee, I enjoy my life again. Thanks so much. John, Pa.

Hip - Surgery by Dr Eric Williams

Woman with 3 year history of meralgia paresthetica or compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve at the hip. She is now one year out from decompression with near complete resolution of her pain.

Knee - Surgery by Dr. Eric Williams

Woman one month after removal of nerves to the knee joint (medial retinacular nerve, medial cutaneous nerve to the knee) for persistant chronic pain after a total knee replacement.



Knee pain of neural origin. After the Orthopedic Surgeon has done all he can, consider seeing Dr Dellon to learn if your pain is related to a nerve.  Click Here for full chapter.



Playing a round of gold with his daughter and his son, the golfer in the center has remained free of knee pain now ten years since his bilateral knee denervation surgery by A. Lee Dellon, MD. Prior to Dr Dellon's surgery, both knees had been replaced but he had been left with considerable residual pain, which now is completely gone.



Daughters say it is a miracle that, after ten years, father has no more knee pain. Knee joint had been replaced three times. After Dr Dellon removed the nerves to the joint, the pain is finally gone.



I am back at work now without the knee pain that bothered me for so many years. Your knee denervation and neurolysis of the common peroneal nerve  and its branches was just what the "Nurse ordered". Thank you Doctor Dellon.  Carole RN



Thank you Drs Shar Hashemi and John Bouillon from the Dellon Institute in Dubai. Since your operation on the painful nerves at my elbow, I now have increased strength, less pain, and here you can see me lifting my new son and holding him with my previously disabled right arm while I play with all three of our children. In therapy I am doing arm curls, now up to 8.8 pounds, the most I have done in 5 years. You have made a big difference in my life and I am very thankful for you. For the gift of holding my son, I am extraordinarily grateful. Thanks for doing what you do.I really appreciate you and your great care of me. God bless, Dave




Shoulder pain after a car accident had prevented lifting the left arm. After surgery with Dr Tim Tollstrup and A Lee Dellon MD in Henderson Nevada, the left arm can now be lifted above the head shortly after surgery.

Knee Denervation


Pieter A. Dykstra returns to dryland training and then competitive speed skating again after knee denervation using the Dellon approach. 

Ankle Denervation

Pre-op Patient # 1

Post-op Patient # 1

Pre-op Patient # 2

Post-op Patient # 2

Wrist Pain

Knee Denervation

Knee Pain

Dr. Peled of the Dellon Institutes,

This is a letter I feel is most necessary to thank you for my knee surgeries and the difference they have made in my life. What a miracle this has been for me; my quality of life has been totally improved. These are just a few of the ways in which my life has changed:
• Today, I am able to join to my family and friends to go shopping, buy groceries, and cook meals without having to quit as I could not stand long enough to finish what I had started.
• I could not stand to get goods, pots and pans, and clothes that were located in the lower drawers. My knees were in such pain when trying to reach any of these items.

Before this wonderful surgery, my pain was unbearable. All this came about when I had replacements of both knees. Having fibromyalgia, some of the nerve endings would not heal and this resulted in a great deal of pain for me. If I tried to get into any of the above-mentioned postures and with any changes in the weather, what it would do to me is almost unbelievable. Now, I can do all these moves without any pain at all!

The surgery itself was not painful. I only felt soreness around the stitches. I was able to get up and walk within an hour after waking up from surgery.

Thank you, Dr. Peled.

Helen L. Pierson
Tucson, Arizona

Knee Pain


Kate McGrath, Wilmington, MA May 20, 2006

Dear Doctor Hung and Doctor Dellon,

After six years of constant, never-ending pain, several knee surgeries, pain blocks, a multitude of braces, crutches, hundreds of hours of physical therapy, TENS Units, and pain subscriptions of all types, my diagnosis of RSD (Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy) remained untreated. I went to many doctors at different hospitals and they all did the same thing, epidural pain blocks, medicines, pain patches, and TENS Units that never helped. I felt hopeless because no one had a solution for me and all I wanted was to live a pain free day. Then I had the great fortune of being referred to your office by my physical therapist that heard about other miracles that you have performed.

Now, a short three months after the knee denervation surgery, my knee is amazing! I forgot how it felt to not have pain every second of the day, but now I can go through a day of school and sports and not have that distraction. It is a phenomenal feeling! I am running two miles a day at lacrosse and more during the weekend. I was able to walk all around Europe and actually enjoy it because there was nothing slowing me down. I am captain of my high school lacrosse team and I can be less distracted and more aggressive as goalie in varsity field hockey. I am also very excited that sports can again be part of my college search. It is such a relief to play my sports pain free now, to be able to do normal kid things, and most importantly, to have that obstacle of dealing with the pain out of my life.

This would have never been possible without your extraordinary work and intelligence in this field of medicine. You two are my true heroes for finally making my life more enjoyable and pain-free. There is nothing I could every say or do to show you my gratitude.

Thank-You so much,

Kate McGrath
Wilmington, MA

Knee Pain


Knee Pain



Shoulder Pain Pre-Op


Shoulder Pain Post-op


Knee Pain


Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow


 Upper Extremity Shoulder Pain


Tennis Elbow


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