Morton's Neuroma

My husband and I are WALKING at a Fund Raiser in our local community. I know you know that I was in a wheelchair prior to you operating on my right leg and foot after my motor vehicle accident 2 years ago. You remember my foot was crushed when a car ran over it and parked on it for a few minutes. Your nerve surgery has restored my foot function. Smile. CA

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That is my back riding my tractor. My big toe no longer hurts thanks to your fixing my Joplin neuroma. Thanks so much. GP


I just finished the 5 Boro 40 km bike race in NYC. It is now 3 years since you denervated my painful ankle and decompressed by “Morton’s Neuromas” in my left foot. Look at me now. Thanks Dr Dellon.  GM


I am able to walk without pain, travel too, after your surgery on my foot. Here with my daughter in DC. Thank you Dr. Dellon. RS


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My foot feels great Dr. Dellon. It is so wonderful to have my life back! Saturday we spent the day at the playground and water park - things I couldn’t do last summer! SR

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Can run & work again Dr Dellon,1 yr since U fixed my failed Morton's Neuroma surgery. Playing with kids too.

Tx. AW, Australia.

9 years ago Dr Dellon you released my entrapped "Morton's Neuroma". I still teach aerobics. Here is how I also now get my "kicks".

SC in LV

MN POp 9 yrs Sari Connolly kickboxing

Hey Dr Dellon, this is me winning the race with my now painless foot on the pedal. No more Morton's Neuroma painEK Me in the winner's circle with my youngest supporter
Eric Racing 2012 Win

This patient had a decompression of the common digital nerve to the second and third toe, otherwise known as a Morton's neuroma.  Instead of removing this nerve we preferred to perform a decompression of the nerve by dividing the ligament between the metatarsal heads (bones in your foot) in order to take pressure of the nerve.  We do this to try to maintain sensation in the toes while at the same time improving pain.  Removing the Morton’s neuroma will make the toes permanently numb.  This patient was able to run 8 miles 7 weeks after surgery.  He reports that all of his pain is gone.

Operation peformed by Dr. Eric Williams



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The water therapy does help my recover from the surgery you did on the bottom of my feet for recurrent Morton's Neuroma. My pain is gone and I am getting my gait and strength back. TG

Previously unable to walk, Harry takes his son on cross country trip following Dr Dellon's surgery to remove a painful neuroma from the bottom of his foot.


Dr. Dellon,

I wanted to share this picture of me, my wife Stacie and our little girl after my race last weekend.  Six weeks after Mortons Neuroma surgery I got back in my Spec Racer Ford and won the first race of the season, Apr 17, 2011.

I can tell you that banging a race clutch to the floorboard during speed shifts is not easy on your foot, but I was able to do so without pain. I waited two years before accepting that my neuroma was not going away on its own, and at that point I decided that I wanted to find a surgeon at the very top of their game for this operation. Thanks for the great work! 

 Eric Kurzhals, VP, SRA International


9/9/10  Following surgery by A Lee Dellon, MD, to salvage each foot from previous Morton's Neuroma surgeries that left her with disabling foot pain for almost 20 years, this woman was able to visit Disneyland in Florida for several days, taking photos with her favorite character.  She is happy to be able to walk again, with minor assistance at times, and "goof" around.  This visit would have been impossible prior to the restorative procedures and she sent her thanks along with this photo.


Anita Myers Baltimore, Maryland 4/16/07

Dear Dr. Eric Williams.

It has now been 8 weeks since you performed surgery on the Morton's Neuroma in my left foot. I had been suffering with this condition for about seven years, and the severity of it was getting worse with each passing year. In my efforts to walk on that foot, I started developing hip, knee and back problems as well. When on my feet, I was in constant, sometimes excruciating pain.

I liked your approach, which was to preserve my nerve, and not remove it as so many other doctor’s had suggested. So you did the “neurolysis”, just dividing the ligament that was pinching the nerve.... and the pain is G-O-N-E!!!... and so are the aches and problems in my back, hip and knees!!! My chiropractor even released me from his care, as I no longer needed therapy to keep me going. I have every confidence that the numbness will also subside in time, and I look forward to regaining agility as I increase my physical activities... WITHOUT PAIN, WITHOUT CANE!!

I will always be grateful to you and to the Dellon Institutes.


Anita Myers
Baltimore, Maryland

Morton’s Neuroma


Sari Connolly, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 17, 2006

Dear Dr. Dellon,


Thank you. I'm doing great! In fact, I ran in the Las Vegas Marathon last month and am teaching 7 classes a week. My foot feels 100% fine... just a little itch on the scar every now and then. Otherwise it's perfect!

I would also like to say that the post surgery was completely painless. I didn't have one second of pain, and that was a very pleasant surprise. In fact, I taught kickboxing 4 days after surgery... but only jumped on one foot.

I am sending you the picture they took of me at the finish line...

Las Vegas, NV



Dear Doctor Dellon                                      July 25, 2010

It is now 4 months since the surgery you did to release the pressure on the nerve between my right 3rd and 4th toe which I was told was a Morton's Neuroma. While the other doctors wanted to remove the nerve, your approach is to save it. I had trust in you because you had operated on my hands years ago when I was a letter carrier for the post office.
I want to thank you. I am now able to run, walk, and can sleep without any pain and I still have the feeling in my toes. 

Why did I put off the surgery for so long? I had heard horror stories of people going in for removal of their Morton's Neuroma and never getting the relief from pain, and leaving them with a deformed foot. My podiatrist had heard of you and told me that you were not only a hand surgeon but an extremely successful surgeon for nerves in the feet, and that you traveled all over giving lectures.

Thank you for giving me freedom from constant foot pain. My foot feels like new again.

A. White, Baltimore, Maryland
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