American Society for Peripheral Nerve Surgery meeting

At the American Society for Peripheral Nerve Surgery meeting in the Bahamas in January,

A Lee Dellon (on the left), a Past-President of ASPN is next to his wife Luiann. Center is Demetrio Aguila, “Kato” as he as called in the Air Force where he finished up as a Lieutenant Colonel. Kato completed Plastic Surgery at Johns Hopkins and has brought Peripheral Nerve Surgery to his new home in Norfolk, Nebraska. Tessa Gordon, PhD, is President-Elect of ASPN, and her basic science research, first in Edmonton, and now in Toronto, Canada, has help advance the understanding of how we think of peripheral nerve injury and regeneration. On the right is Eric Wan, BS, a young Johns Hopkins researcher currently working with surgical rehabilitation of leprous neuropathy in Guayaquil, Ecuador.



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