Phantom Limb/Stump Pain

Look at me move along Dr. Dellon. It is 7 months since my amputation. The approach you used, implanting the nerves into muscle at the time of the amputation, has made so much difference. No more foot pain. No phantom pain. Thank you so much. SH

Lost leg to infection after injury. 10 years horrible pain. Not anymore since you removed painful neuromas. Tx Dr Dellon. MB


This patient underwent 2 separate procedures for neuropathic pain in his amputation stumps.  We performed a resection of the tibial nerve sensory branches while leaving the motor branch is intact.  The goal was to remove the painful neuroma causing discomfort when he wore his prosthetic while leaving the muscle function intact so that the muscle bulk of the leg would remain normal and would not shrink.  This procedure was so successful in the RIGHT leg, we did perform the same operation on the LEFT as well.  The patient is now able to wear and walk with his artificial limbs on his legs for much longer and with less pain.

Operation peformed by Dr. Eric Williams


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