Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Even after being in cast for 5 weeks from a wound on the bottom of my foot, and RSD flaring, 
I was able to push through. I put my running shoes on and did 2 miles on the beach ❤️
I’m thankful for you every day. 
You never gave up in fixing me. 
Can’t thank you enough 😘

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Look at me Dr. Dellon! Back to bowling. My heel pain is gone after your tarsal tunnel surgery during which you removed my injured calcaneal nerve. It is just 14 weeks since the surgery. Thanks so much. KJ


Here I am walking down the isle with my bride with feet that no longer hurt. Thanks for your help with my tarsal tunnel problems. G

My husband and I are WALKING at a Fund Raiser in our local community. I know you know that I was in a wheelchair prior to you operating on my right leg and foot after my motor vehicle accident 2 years ago. You remember my foot was crushed when a car ran over it and parked on it for a few minutes. Your nerve surgery has restored my foot function. Smile. CA

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That is my back riding my tractor. My big toe no longer hurts thanks to your fixing my Joplin neuroma. Thanks so much. GP

I am giving a presentation to 20,000 people in India. I am the tall guy standing. Standing without pain in my right foot. It is one year since you operated on me, Dr. Dellon. My foot is no longer a problem, as you can see. Thank you. Mike

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Me at Gym. I also can travel to visit family again. Foot pain is gone after your surgery Dr. Dellon. Tx. MF

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I am at water therapy with Julie Bergman, PT, at Southern California Aquatic Therapy in Huntington Beach, (http://socalaquatictherapy.com/julies-story). Dr. Dellon asks each person recovering from tarsal tunnel surgery is to do water therapy. Julie has helped my recovery immensely and I am walking great again without the tingling in my toes. Thanks to Dr. Dellon’s surgery and Julie’s therapy. Took a team.


My foot feels great Dr. Dellon. It is so wonderful to have my life back! Saturday we spent the day at the playground and water park - things I couldn’t do last summer! SR

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IMG 0054My tarsal tunnel pain is gone. Here i am all day on my boat in the Baltic Sea. Very glad I came to Dr Dellon in Baltimore for surgery. HL











Here is a photo: our new twins, J1 & J2. Not really sure your tarsal tunnel surgery resulted in these but thanks Dr. Dellon. AH

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Five years since you released my right tarsal tunnels Dr. Dellon. Husband & I out birdwatching. Tx

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I am up high-altitude training in the mountains in South Africa near Johannesburg at the moment prepping for my 2015 defence of my title and hopefully be racing at the European Athletics champs in Prague in March



Hope you are well




I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, AND I had nerve entrapments in my legs that made all my symptoms worse: Dr Dellon released the nerve entrapments in both my legs two years ago. I still have CMT , but now I no longer have the symptoms related to the nerve entrapments!!!

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I just won Irish National 800 m champ!!! It is 5 years since you operated on both my tarsal tunnels Dr Dellon. The trophy goes to you.

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Dr Dellon's tarsal tunnel results: Run the 800 meters in Ireland


another girlLook at me walking barefoot with my dog in Sweeden. Two years after you redid tarsal tunnel surgery done by someone else originally.

Tx Doctor Dellon. JU











I can walk the dog and stand now without the previous pain. Someone other than you Dr Dellon did my tarsal tunnel release, and then immobilized me for three weeks, and their surgery failed. It is now 6 months after your "redo" tarsal tunnel surgery and I can resume all my favorite activities. You allowed me to walk immediately after surgery and it made such a big difference.

Crystal Z.

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Lucy Waite 6 weeks POp painting roofI am on a ladder and painting my room 6 weeks after you fixed my heel pain neuroma and tarsal tunnel surgery. Like my Grandma boots? Wow. Thanks.

LW in Utah.







Am back to teaching. Here is my classroom with me STANDING again thanks to you.  Tarsal tunnel decompression worked great. Now awaiting my students. KW in Md

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Thanks for fixing my heel pain enough so I can use the kick stand on my bike. Dr. Dellon, here are Nancy and me in Boothbay Harbor Maine a couple of weeks ago. We have enjoyed the summer on the cycle with an eight day trip to Nova Scotia at the end of July.



Julie, Southern California

I am smiling after my previously failed tarsal tunnel surgery has been corrected by Dr Dellon. Water therapy helped a great deal. Now I bike and run again. Julie, Southern California.

Ann and Ron "stepping" out for an afternoon of fun in Denver following release of her tarsal tunnel three months ago by Doctor Dellon

Army Sergeant returns to patrol on Halloween with his daughters after Dr Dellon's surgery on the nerves in both of his legs.


I had good breakthroughs in my running this Spring, winning a 400m race in Luxembourg and coming second in an international 800m race in Sweden before finishing 3rd at the Irish National Senior Mens Indoor Athletics Championships in February. This was my first ever national medal in a senior event and to be 3rd fastest 800m runner in Ireland this year is quite an achievement considering where I  have come from!"


January 7, 2011

Dear Dr. Dellon,

It has been four years since you performed a revision tarsal tunnel surgery on my right foot.  There are not enough words to express my gratutude for what you have done fro me.  As you can see, I recently did the Pacific Coast Triathlon in September 2010 and yes, I finished!  In 2006, I was told by a prominent doctor in my area, to live with my pain because there was nothing that could be done to help me.  I was 41 years old, very active with two young boys and a physical therapy business.  I could not walk without severe pain with every step.

My foot pain began in January 2005 when I was training for, ironically, the Pacific Coast Triathlon.  The pain became progressive and disabling.  After going through numerous testing, it was deteremined that I had tarsal tunnel syndrome.  In October 2005, I had a tarsal tunnel decompression.  I was doing well until three weeks post-operatively, I fell, the incision opened and subsequently, I developed a staff infection.  This lasted for months and when it finally healed, I still could not walk without severe pain. My surgeon at the time, was very supportive and supported my recovery any way he could but my problem was very difficult.  This began my search for more help or at least some hope.

I went to numerous doctors, some said that I had RSD, others had little to no experience with revision surgeries for my problem.  I began scouring the internet and calling all over the country to find help.  Then, I found you.  You gave me the simple words that changed my life, "I can help you."

After you performed the surgery in January 2007, I progressed slowly and carefully to be able to walk again.  You recommended water walking which helped me tremendously.  I own an aquatic therapy practice so I knew the benefits of warm water for the best recovery.  I could not have recovered as well without the warm water therapy and without your encouragement.  Now, I have hardly any pain in my foot and can do anything that I want!  I would have never reached this level if it hadn't been for you!

Since then, I have had a passion for helping others with similar nerve problems and have added this to my practice, thanks again, to you.  It is exciting for me to be able to see others who had no hope to be able to get back to their lives again.  It has also been a privilege and honor working with you and some of your patients.

Thank you, Dr. Dellon, for your help and commitment for helping people with such difficult problems and giving all of us hope.

Thank you for helping me to get my life back.  My two boys thank you too!


All the Best,

Julie Bergmann, PT

Southern California Orthopedic and Aquatic Therapy, Huntington Beach, CA



I had good news with my feet.
It is now one year since you did my right tarsal tunnel decompression and 10 months since you did my left tarsal tunnel decompression.
Since the start of June they have been feeling GREAT! I was away training at high altitude in France at the end of May, cycling, swimming and doing free weights training. However at the training centre there was the option of getting sports massage for just 7euro per session - so i got it almost every day on my ankles, calfs and plantar fascia. and this along with a good stretching program and regular activity really seemed to improve them.

Wait until you hear what is to come.

Because it seemed (and still seems) that running for any sort of sustained period is too sore and demands at least 2-3 days rest in between, I decided to take a different approach back to training. I have joined the "sprinters" group in my club and now do much shorter/faster stuff. this means i am not pounding my feet for too long at any given time. However the training i am doing is more quality and my speed is fantastic. Naturally from not running long distance in a while my fast twitch muscle fibres are ready to go and that, coupled with a good weight training program I’ve started in recent months mean that my raw speed is better than ever before!

I have actually entered 2 races already and posted very good times - including a personal best in the 400m of 49.51 which has received applause from my peers all across the country (Ireland IS small!) but it is a very credible time even without a gap from training of 27 months. I am just delighted to be 'back on track"!

I am attaching a photo of me leading a race in Dublin last week.

My job was to "pacemake" the race, basically being a rabbit and leading the race for other runners so they can run fast times. (Below is a link to internet coverage of the race - its only 3 minutes long! You can see me in bright orange shorts and black t shirt and i am required lead the race for the first lap, i start it in lane 6, near the outside.

Click here to watch the video

Please Note

runner in black shirt and orange trunks had both bilateral tarsal tunnel surgery)

Niall Tuohy, Ireland, July 2010

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