PFC Marilnea Rizzi 26 mo post op

Hey. That is me on my new motorbike. It is 26 months since you did my surgery. I was unable to sit prior to your surgery on my posterior femoral and pudendal nerves. Now look at me, age 65, riding the mountain lake region of Italy, where I live. Mille Grazie Dr Dellon. MR


Two years ago you operated on my pudendal nerve and I continue to do great. Able to work. On no medication.
Here is the newest member of our family, our little dog. I can play with him and walk him without any problems. Thank you Dr. Dellon.  M

I am a sophomore in college now Dr Dellon. Life is so good. No more pelvic pain thanks to that operation you did 3 years ago. Thank you so much. MB

Here I am holding my 3rd child. It is 4 years since you operated on me. Back then I never would have thought, with my level of groin pain, that I would ever be able to return to a normal job, be free of pain and watch my family grow. By the way, I am now a Police Officer with full function. Thank you Dr. Dellon for the surgery you did. MS

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Here is a picture of me with my family. Intercourse was never painful. After surgeries and recovery, intercourse is still not painful. All thing pretty normal there. I’m still weaning off medication and hoping that continues to go well.


I can now squat and play with my son again. None of that original “perineal” pain remains. It is one year since surgery. Thanks Dr. Dellon.

PFCN 3 mo Anett Mykelby

I am “walking” my dog in Norway. I can now return to cross country skiing. It is 3 months since you removed the nerves that were damaged related to my hamstring injuries, again, from cross country skiing!! Thank you Dr. Dellon. MA

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It was five years ago this month that I was unable to sit and had problems with my right leg, and then you did that operation on several nerves at the same time. My husband is next to me in this picture. Note I can now even sit on a swing. My  life is so improved and thanks to you. KB

Pudenal Testimonial

It is now 8 months since my surgery with you Dr. Dellon. As you can see, my groin pain and pudendal nerve problems are gone. I am back to gardening and heavy hobbies such as carpentry and wood carving. Thanks so much for solving these problems for me which have been with me since my wartime injury.


Dear Dr. Dellon and Luiann,
Words cannot express how grateful I am for you.  Over the past five years, I have been suffering from extreme, debilitating sitting pain which turned out to be a neuroma of my right PFCN.  I am four months post op and I am pain FREE! I am now able to sit, drive and return to work. Look at us on vacation in Cape Cod! We ate, drank, danced, dined, walked, and swam.  My husband, family, and I thank you both from the bottom of our hearts! You have forever changed my life. Gretchen from CT


Dellon Sitting Pain Algorithm

Sitting without pain in Italian restaurant. It is 6 years since you operated on me Dr. Dellon. Do you remember me, I am the one with glasses! Mille Grazi!!!


One year ago, Dr. Dellon, before you operated on me, I was disabled due to years of pelvic pain. In the photos below you will see my progress; I received a sports “letter” in swimming at my high school and attended the prom. I can ride motor cars at the beach. My life is back and I am so thankful. NB

I am in Taiwan now. Learning culture and Mandarin. Look at me sitting on the chair on stone steps. Two years after you operated on me for pudendal neuralgia!! Xie Xie Dr. Dellon. KG from Colombia.



My Mom, on the right, is 72 and the pudendal (pelvic) pain she has suffered ever since I was born, has been such a load for her (and me) to bare. After your surgery, 7 months ago, removing the pudendal nerve branches stuck in that episiotomy scar, she has been a new woman. Look at that smile. We look like sisters. Thanks Dr. Dellon. CB

pudendal n 123

It 5 months since you operated on my pudendal nerve, Dr. Dellon, and I have my life back. I am on cheerleading (top center), was voted VP of my high school class. I go dancing, swimming and fishing.As proof, here are photos of me doing some of my favorite things with my friends. Thanks so much. M

m pudendal1 m pudendal2 

m pudendal3

My little princess Marian turned 7 this week. Your sugery permitted me and my husband, in the center to create a perfect, happy, pain-free, birthday for her Thank you Dr. Dellon.

pudendal nerve operation

Has been 5 years since I could sit without pain. It is 6 weeks since you removed my posterior femoral cutaneous nerve. Look at me now Dr. Dellon! Riding with my daughter at this carnival. Gracias a Dios! y Usted Doctor! MN

pudendal nerve pain

It has been 9 weeks since my pudendal nerve surgery with you Dr. Dellon. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you. As you can see in this picture I am sitting on a hard bench and I have jeans on. (I am on the right) I haven't been able to sit for over 3 years without pain and haven't worn jeans in over 2. The last 2 weeks have been huge healing weeks as my pain is almost completley gone. My life has been nothing but pain for over 3 years, i have started to work out again, go out with friends, work, laugh and love again. I went to dozens of other doctors and specialists who misdiagnosed my problem and put me on drugs that did nothing. After doing a lot of research I finally found you and after my initial office visit you were able to diagnose me and told me that the surgery would fix me. You did not let me down. I am forever grateful and would recommend you and your surgery to anyone with a similar problem. Julia

Julia Pieper post op happy 2 3 17

Here I am skating with my young friends. All those drugs prescribed by Gynecologists never helped my pain that started after rectal surgery. Dr. Dellon, now that you removed the pudendal nerve branches that were injured in my original surgery, I am back to full activities. Thank you so much. The Skater from New England

pudendal nerve pain

Hello Dr. Dellon,

I am back to work and sitting comfortably again. My family and I will forever be grateful to you for relieving me of the severe pain of pudendal neuromas. Luckily, my brother Jim found your practice on line and convinced me to call you. His words were "you have gotta get it done". I called your office on a Friday night and talked to Luiann and she assured me you would help me. She was right! Less than 12 hours later we were exchanging emails and within two weeks I was flying out for a consultation. Luiann and your office staff offered me a room to lay down as I waited for my appointment because I could not sit for more than 10 seconds. You patiently listened to my story and confidently told me I had bilateral neuromas of the perineal branches of the Pudendal nerve. You and Luiann told me I would feel better soon. Thank God, I listened to both of you! I was amazed I could sit right after surgery. Dr. Dellon when you visited me the following day I wasn't ready to celebrate. I had been to countless doctors prior and didn't want to get my hopes up. When I returned home after surgery you continued to return my emails answering my questions and Luiann asked me many times how I was feeling. The warm water walking you prescribed aided in my recovery and my new 70, 80, and 90 year old friends cheered me along. Dr. Dellon, you gave me my life back!! I am an active person and look forward to skiing, skating, hiking and doing all the fun activities I did before being injured. I wont have to take medication to bandaid the problem or have unnecessary other surgeries. I am free and alive and happy!! Thanks again Dr. Dellon!!


pudendal new 11

Dr Dellon thank you for my X-mas present!

santa and

I am back to golf. Thanks Dr Dellon.

pudendal nerve op

Here is our new baby! After my pudendal nerve surgery with you, Dr. Dellon, my husband and I were able to have another baby. thank you. LU

Lori 14 touched up


After almost 4 years in pain and disability, more than 13 doctors and treatments in different nations that couldnt help much, my pudendal nerve problem was finally accurately diagnosed and solved in Baltimore at The Dellon Institute For Peripheral Nerve Surgery by Dr Lee Dellon himself. I am sharing my succesful story so that other patients suffering from similar conditions might have access to useful information that may also lead them to have their lives back to normal.

Stay tuned with my

and visit my website at:


2 years after your removed rectal neuromas that kept me from sitting. Look! I am on carousel with my grandchildren. Tx. Dr Dellon. CR

IMG 2344

2 years after my pudendal nerve surgery, Dr. Dellon. Here I am up & about in New England. Thank you so much. CR.

pudendal 007

pudendal 008 pudendal 009

Hard to believe. Me going scuba diving again. 3 years after you released my pudendal nerve. Dr. Dellon thank you. SP into the deep again.

pudendal steve pryor

I am now 4 months after you removed my painful perineal branch of pudendal nerve. Look at me sitting and I swim. Tx Dr. Dellon KG

llanta-03-1 1

My daughter & I going to church today. First time in 5 months. Tx to your pudendal nerve surgery Dr Dellon. CW

Cherice Webb to church for 1st time in 5 months

{mp4}hwdvideos/uploads/trish{/mp4} 4 years since you removed my painful pudendal nerve’s perineal branch. Dr Dellon. I am great. Working full time. Sitting. No drugs. Full relations with husband. Thanks so much

{mp4}hwdvideos/uploads/drumer{mp4} I can really bang out a rhythm again Dr Dellon now that you fixed my hurt nerve and I can sit on this little seat again. thanks. Your results can’t be “beat"! B

Dr Dellon it is 3 years since you did my pudendal nerve surgery. I am doing great. Here I am with the boys I coach and it keeps me fit. Here are my wife and I sitting with friends at a recent dinner (we are to the right of the photo). My wife and enjoy a wonderful loving relationship. Thanks Dr Dellon. SP20151201 145014 resized

20151024 092207

Look at me sitting with my family. Pudendal and sitting pain both gone Dr Dellon. A Xmas miracle. LN

IMG 0818

My pudendal nerve symptoms are all gone now after your surgery Dr Dellon. My husband and I are back to enjoying our lives together again. L

Linda Sheppard 3 mo sp perinealX

Dr Dellon I wear Rock Climbing harness to celebrate: I will do it soon. I can sit; unthinkable for me before surgery. Former pudendal pain is not there any more. CVAC

pudendal dellon 1 pudendal dellon 2

I can sit again. It is a Miracle. My pudendal nerve surgery was just yesterday. The original perineal pain is gone. Tx Dr. Dellon. CVAC

It’s 2 years since you removed my PUDENDAL neuroma. I am off muscle relaxers, wearing jeans & can sit. Happy X-mas Dr Dellon. CM

dorsal pudendal Connie Morris 2 years wearing jeans

Paddle boarding and enjoying life with my children. Thanks for the peripheral nerve surgery Dr Dellon. LA

water pudendal nerve

Dr Dellon here I am sitting on this little drummer’s seat. Back to my profession after your pudendal nerve surgery. Thanks. BE

It is one year since my pudendal nerve surgery Dr Dellon. I am proud to share my 4 mo. old, my first child’s, photo with you. TxJeff Genzink marina age 4 mo

I am sitting in Rome with my friend Nicoletta. 3 years since you corrected my pudendal nerve problem. Belissimo Dr Dellon. I can sit again.

Andreas  Nicoletta sitting in Rome 3 yrs pop pudendal surgery

pudendal nerve surgery 9910 months since my pudendal nerve surgery with Dr Dellon. I am sitting at the beach without pudendal nerve symptoms. CR









Me sitting in my sports car at the top of Ebbetts Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains last weekend. My husband I took our first real trip in three years. I had none of that pain with sitting, which was thought to be pudendal nerve but you found to be cluneal nerves. your surgery Dr Dellon was 3 months ago. The trip, without pain was quite the success. My husband says it is so wonderful to see me sit comfortably through a meal. Sometimes it's the little things in life that you take for granted that mean so much when they are gone.We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us!

Bill & Shelly, Oregon.

oregon pud

It is 4 months since my pudendal nerve surgery with you, Dr Dellon. Here I am sitting with my husband. My original pain is gone after so many years. Tx. M


IMG 3184Me & my husband & our plane. having a normal life and fun again. 2 years since your pudendal nerve surgery, Dr Dellon. Sitting, no more rectal pain, and no more pain anywhere.

KB in Tx







I wanted to write to you an express a very heartfelt THANK YOU for healing me and allowing me to be free of pain.

My Husband John and I came to see you for my pudendal nerve surgery on December 19, 2013.

If there were ever miracles, I believe that you are the one I needed in my life to heal me. I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am that your were my Surgeon, Doctor and Friend through my harsh condition !

Thank you so much for all that you and Luiann did for me and my family .

I finally feel like a normal human being and that's all thanks to YOU .

With my sincerest thanks and gratitude , Kristy


Five years of pudendal (vestibular) pain are gone after you removed my pudendal nerve’s perineal branch neuroma. Tx Dr Dellon

U from V

smiling 14 days POp

Had horrible perineal pain and penile numbness for 5 years after my rectal biopsy and radical prostatectomy. Could not sit. Came up from New Zealand to see you. You did it. Pain is gone and here I am sitting again. Know the penis will function normally again. Thanks Dr Dellon

A & K W from NZ


Here is our daughter Meredith. Now 6 months old. Without your pudendal nerve surgery, she would not be here. Damien

Meridith Davenport

Couldn't drive without cushion even with pain meds before Dr Dellon's pudendal surgery. Definite proof I'm better! Sincerely grateful. CR

cathy richoux driving

Your care & compassion, Dr Dellon, mean more to me than I can express. You operated on me in 2011, and you still follow-up. AW.

aletha  morris dining out

Dr Dellon, I am sharing my experience with other people and I am glad to spend nice words on your unquestionable skills and on your ability to bring people back to a normal life. It is 18 months after my pudendal nerve surgery with you . Look at me at the dock ready for a long boat ride. I am sitting. And look at me sitting on stone along the French Riviera.

Thank you so much. AG.

man marine

Two weeks after my pudendal nerve surgery. I am doing my water therapy. Tx Dr Dellon CR from LA

pudendal water therapy Cathy Richoux

Kim Layman 3 yrs sittingLook at me sitting on a stone wall. Three years after you removed the PFC nerve.

Tx Doctor Dellon








Water Walking Netta Sorkin 6 mo POPHawaii Water walking! I now walk 5 miles a day & faster than my husband. 6 months since your surgery near my “sit bone”.

Tx Dr Dellon.NS







My wife and I are happy as can be after your successful PUDENDAL nerve decompression.

Tx Dr Dellon. MO from N

IMG 0152pud

DSCN5008I have finally gotten rid of the rectal burning pain. Dr. Dellon, your second surgery did the trick. It has been WONDERFUL and we pray rectal pain never returns again. I am off oral narcotics now. Morris and I are so happy.








My rectal burning pain is so much better Dr. Dellon. Your pudendal nerve surgery saved me, finally. Could sit to crochet this! AM in BA

xmas ornament aletha womack

IMG 9472K & G 2.5 years after Dr Dellon's pudendal nerve surgery. We are doing things happily married couples do.

Tx Dr D.








Scuba and so much more. Thanks for the groin pull surgery and pudendal nerve surgery Dr Dellon.  KH, Pa

IMG 0077-2 2



I am back in the saddle again thanks to your pudendal nerve surgery 2 years ago. Tx Dr Dellon

IMG 0515



IMG 8270Look at me sitting without rectal pain!! My pudendal nerve is not bothering me now after your surgery Dr Dellon.










Dyan Forest Orlando Fringe Postcard 2013 FRONT

She is back in action. Catch her show if you can. Dr Dellon



135p 800x600

I have been able to consummate the act without chemical support and feel confident of being able to do that now too. The regular spontaneous erections I might have experienced through the day still elude me (maybe not be a bad thing as I can get on with my work) but I am feeling improved sensitivity all the time.

After my bike injury and prior to surgery, I experienced a sort of complete disconnect and often felt I had a completely useless penis with reduced sensation. This as you will appreciate was very frustrating and worrying. There always was some functionality. Now after you operated and decompressed the dorsal and perineal branches of my pudendal nerve on both the left and right sides, I feel more potent and confident now and whilst not back to full form quite yet I am much happier . I am really encouraged with the progress especially in the last 10 days. There is a daily improvement which is seemingly accelerating. I do awake with some impressive erections and when I am awake I get them whether stimulated physically, visually or with close contact with my partner. They are very satisfactory. I think you've fixed me Dr Dellon. From the UK


 photo 2 800x600

It is a year and a half since you operated on me for both groin pain and pudendal nerve pain. I had an awesome past weekend with my husband and girls at Dorney Park Amusement, which is a huge amusement park around here with tons of ridiculous rollercoasters that I would have never gotten on prior to surgery. I am also in my second season of co-ed competitive softball with my husband once a week since April. I would never be where I am without your help and successful surgeries.

 IMG 4074 3 800x600

So happy sitting with my grandchildren. The pudendal nerve surgery has helped a great deal. Thanks for making my life worth living. I.R. , NY


buttock1 800x600  buttock2 800x600

Three years after you fixed my injured cluneal nerves! Here are my Senior photos from High School this year.
Thanks Dr Dellon

 sea world  vlcsnap-2011-09-19-21h15m29s140 800x600

It's been four months since my surgery for the GROIN PULL.

It is now 3 years since my injury when I fell running Cross Country in High School. I'm pain free and I feel like a new person. I have been working a lot at our local farmstand where I am constantly on my feet and moving around. I just recently started running and working out a little. Leaving for college in September and I can't thank you enough for fixing me and giving me my active life back!! My parents thank you too! Here are some photos from last month.

 golfer 800x600

My first hole-in-one. Dr Dellon, clearly many of my functions have improved now 6 months after pudendal nerve surgery. Tx from the Hamptons.

 111 800x600

Performing in Orlando. They loved me.


After my pudendal nerve surgery with you 9 months ago , Dr Dellon, I am pretty much back to the normal Mother I was prior to my accident. I have no more groin or pelvic or thigh pain. I can sit on my tush on a hard chair for dinner which I could not do for the past five years. Here I am playing with my children. Note I am sitting on the floor!

My name is Tracie G. I live in Tennessee. after 6 years of suffering excruciating pain. I was referred to Dr. Dellon to help me with pain that 16 other doctors said did not exist. They said that the pain was in my head. I could not sit , stand , walk or rest, ever. Some days I wondered why I was even still here.
My poor husband and family had to go through every single day with me that way. Needless to say, I wasn't myself anymore due to impingements of my pudendal nerve, and my sciatic nerve.

I suffered burning, like lightning, in my genitals , my pelvis and inner thighs.

Dr. Dellon diagnosed the added impingements of the clunial nerve , genitofemoral nerves, and the illoinguinal nerves.

After surgeries with Dr. Dellon, and his wonderful staff, I am able to be alive again, with no pain.

I am able to enjoy all the little things that most people take for granted again.

He saved my life.

God helped me get better by working through Dr. Dellon. and his special gifts and talents have been my saving grace.
I actually got to attend one of my dearest friends grand opening at his salon, with the special appearance by Carson Kressley. It was a great day for me. Thank you so much Dr. Dellon.

I am able to smile again.



Tracie G.

I have had pain for 10 1/2 years until I went to see Dr. Dellon.

It started out thinking I had a yeast or vaginal infection with burning and itching. I went to see my gynecologist and he proved me wrong with the cultures he took.

He sent me to see a Dr. Krumholz who specialized in the cervix and vulva. He told me I had Vulvodynia and I took it from there. At least I was able to have someone pinpoint what I had. He wanted to do some kind of surgical procedure right away! I ran from him.

I then spent my years going to Drs. all over the country. I saw a Dr Robert Moldwin ( urologist), Dr. Elizabeth Stewart/ Boston, Dr. Renney and his team in Houston, Dr. Mark Conway in New Hampshire, Drs. in New York and on and on.

The surgeons recommended surgery, but they wanted to cut into the muscle and tissue in order to get to the pudendal nerve. They all said it will be a long recovery , but none of them kept good records. How can you perform a surgery and not follow it up? So, I was out of their     offices.

I had procedures done and took all kinds of medical tests for years. I have suffered this disease for 10 1/2 years and in those years I had Nerve Blocks ( both by palpation and through a Cat Scan.) I had test after test from all the Drs. I saw. I saw Physical Therapists, Psychologists,hypnotists, acupuncture,  mega amounts of medicines, including large amounts of Opiods every day. I had 3 D & C's , 2 manually, and one surgically, where polyps were found and taken out.

I had two Latency tests which were not exactly comfortable, but the both Drs. who took those tests said I was definitely a candidate for the  surgery where they cut through the muscle and tissue in order to get to the nerve. I had so many tests, and took so much drugs, I can't       remember 1/2 of them!

All I know is no matter what I did or who I went to see,( these  were the best Drs. in this country), but not one of them could help me! 10 years of suffering 24/7.

My gynecologist, Dr. Deborah Coady specializes in all kinds of vaginal diseases. She coincidentally met Dr. Dellon at an IPPS conference this year. He specializes in nerves. She spoke to him about me and some other women from her practice, and he told her to send me       to see him.  She had a lot of confidence in him, and advised me to see him.  For the first time in all of these years, I started to feel positive.

I went to see him in Baltimore. Both my husband and myself liked him very much and he gave us a positive feeling of trust. I made an appointment that day to have the surgery done in a few months.

I had the operation, and finally, after all of these years, I feel at least 80% better and it's has only been 4 months since the surgery.

This was fate - it was just meant to be. After all of the other doctors and their high reputations, there medications, their blocks, recommendations, etc. No one was able to help me except Dr. Dellon!

I would recommend him in a minute. He really knows how to work on nerves ( which is a very delicate operation), and even though I feel 80% better now, I have faith that it will still get better than this. This is a nerve that was compressed for many years, so I feel it is normal to take longer to heal.

Dr. Dellon's method of surgery was wonderful, and now I walk around with a smile on my face again!


Mrs. Linda P


Diane is at the top of the world in Tibet at the Palace after pudendal nerve surgery with Dr Dellon.

Debbie has the pain in her "butt" removed by Dr Dellon's surgery. 

My rectal pain is gone. Four four years, since my vaginal/rectal surgery I have felt like there was a "thorn in my rosebud", a sticking pain just to the side of my anus. Well, now Dr Dellon, since your surgery on my pudendal nerve , that "thorn" is left in Baltimore, and I am painfree home in Florida. Thanks for all that you did for me and the care you extended to Morris and I while we were there with you. We will be forever grateful for all that you did. Please feel free to use my story if it might help someone in the future.                          




Actress returns to her own one-woman show off-Broadway following pudendal nerve surgery by Dr Dellon.






It is just 7 weeks since my pudendal nerves were released through your vertical transgluteal lower incisions, and I am doing quite well. I am more and more active as each day passes. I especially love the fact that walking is no longer painful for me as it was prior to surgery! I am not having an y ano-rectal nerve pain--and just that has made such a difference in how I feel about life!!

I've been spending more and more time in the garden, which is my joy. I have probably been doing more bending and squatting than I should. Often the next day I have more pain due to that, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I think in general, the more active I am, within reas on, the better I feel.

I still have tenderness over some areas of the incisions when I press deeply or even when I touch the areas lightly. I also have tenderness over parts of the ischial tuberosities when I press deeply. The right side, as always, is worse than the left. But even all that is getting better I think, and it may be that I'll be able to start sitting at some point for short periods of time.

I have started a slow taper off my drugs. All good news.

L from Portsmouth

A world of gratitude for your personal attention, Dr Dellon, to both my case and the next chapter in my life.Your insight into what I needed to do to recover is inspirational. My pudendal nerve pain is clearly improving. It is three months since the surgery I am back to work as a photographer, and enjoying life with my family again.



Tracy is able to sit again after pudendal nerve decompression by Dr Dellon. Her problem likely started from gymnastic and dancing injuries. She has had pain for four previous years. She is now 4 months since Dr Dellon's neurolysis of the pudendal nerve through a posterior approach and can sit again without the previous pain or pudendal nerve symptoms.


 dress 320x200

Kate goes to her Winter Ball, in Missouri: She is able to walk and dance after Dr. A Lee Dellon corrected the problem in her left hip, groin, and buttock.




IMG 9643IMG 9640
Even after being in cast for 5 weeks from a wound on the bottom of my foot, and RSD flaring, 
I was able to push through. I put my running shoes on and did 2 miles on the beach ❤️
I’m thankful for you every day. 
You never gave up in fixing me. 
Can’t thank you enough 😘

Hi, my name is Sabrina Shelden, a 23 year old farm girl and midwifery student from Alaska. Here’s my story on how Dr. Dellon has helped me. 
  My left foot didn’t grow right as a child, by age 17 I had to have major foot reconstructive surgery to realign my very misaligned foot which was giving me significant pain. The surgery was successful in realigning the bone structure, but left me with more severe pain than before, probably from nerve damage and/or tightness from the drastic change of foot position. I struggled for years after with pain with every step, so bad that I struggled just to perform normal daily activities. I have always been a very active person who loves the outdoors, but often, days were so bad that I didn’t even want to get out of bed and struggled with depression. Most of the time, people didn’t know how much I was suffering because I tried to hide it and be cheerful and positive, but deep inside I felt like crying all the time. The pain would often get so bad that I would break out in a cold sweat. I began seriously considering amputation, but didn’t like what I found out about it; it definitely wasn’t “the answer” as it has many complications of its own. 
  My wonderful, supportive mother was desperate to get me help. When we went to see more than one doctor, all they wanted to do was fuse my foot or undo the reconstructive surgery, all things that would only cause further damage/strain to my foot and already sensitive nerves. I knew that it would only make the problem worse. Different injections I tried didn’t help me either. 
While doing research, she came across Dr Dellon’s work of nerve denervation and contacted him to see if he would help. He said he thought he could help, so we traveled all the way from our home in Alaska to see him. He was understanding and really seems to care about helping people get out of pain. (his wife Luiann who helps him is super nice as well:) He then performed nerve blocks to try to identify which nerves were the problem. It turned out that almost every nerve to my foot was giving me pain. I wasn’t that surprised...
  During the ensuing surgeries, Dr. Dellon quickly realized how complicated my foot was when he found that my nerves were not all even in the normal location expected. But he persevered, and was finally able to locate and remove the problem nerves. After recovering, I have had a huge improvement in my pain. So many areas on my foot that were very painful are finally gone! I wouldn’t say I’m pain free, because I still have pain in the only nerve that can’t be removed because it’s a function nerve, but the improvement I’ve had in the other areas has been such a lifesaver. I’ll never have a perfect foot because of it being reconstructed, but Dr Dellon has helped make life a lot more bearable for me. There were many times when another nerve showed to be problematic and I had to tell him about it, that I feared he was going to throw his hands up in frustration and give up on me; but no, he was always willing to help and get to the bottom of it. I really appreciate all he’s done for me. 
If you are struggling with chronic pain and are looking into this option, I would be happy to discuss with you my experience with the surgeries/ what to expect with the recovery if you would like. If you want to speak with me about my experience, just ask Dr. Dellon for my contact information

I can use my leg quite well now doing farm work, as you can see here, me driving tractor on the farm.
You have given me great relief and hope for the future by operating on my painful foot. Thanks Dr. Dellon. SS

BK Susan Hines and grandchiild 4 6 20
Here are my husband and I with our first grandchild, Dr Dellon. He is one year old and it is 3 and a half years since you did my surgery for CPRS in my left leg. I am doing great. Thanks so much. SH

I can stand and rock my new grand daughter without any pain in that left foot. It is two and a half years since you relieved me of all that pain. Both you and I “rock” now Dr Dellon. SH and Layl

Look at climb the wall and go hiking, and snow walking with my Mom, now3 years after you fixed the nerves causing CRPS in my ankle. Dr. Dellon, thank you so much. KJ

cprs foot 001

I am planting my previously painful foot next to the foot planter that I gave you 5 years ago. No more CRPS in that foot. The foot used to be swollen, yellowish, cold, bright pink sometimes. No one could touch it. I could not wear a normal shoe. Now, I ran a half-marathon!! (I know you said not to do it.) Thanks so much Dr. Dellon. SEH

cprs foot 001

I am at my son’s wedding. Look at me walking down the isle with him and my husband! Look at me dancing with my son! It is 13 months since you did the below-knee amputation with your special “nerve-in-muscle” technique Dr Dellon. I have no pain my stump and no phantom pain. Thank you for making this wedding day even more special for me. You have brought a happy conclusion to 6 years of pain in that left foot.













Bangkok. I am off on a business trip. Nine months since the complicated foot surgery Dr. Dellon did. I am feeling great. Overflowing with energy. Not even taking a cane with me on the trip. Thanks so much to you and your team. Mike




My horrible foot pain is gone Dr. Dellon. No phantom limb. How do you like my new BK prosthesis. SH

rsdfoot pain

I did it, a 5 mile race to celebrate 5 years since you operated. Took a bunch of surgeries, but we did it, beat RSD. Thanks Dr. Dellon SH

rsd foot sh

After my hip replacement, I had severe pain and some paralysis in my leg. After a year, it did not get better. Now I am dancing for joy Dr. Dellon, after you helped restore movement and relieve pain in my foot. Thank you, and Happy New Year. LW

hip rep

RSD foot Lorin Toeppe 1 year working out on TurfLook Dr. Dellon. I’m exercising, sideways on turf. It’s 2 years since my horrible accident and fractures. Your surgery did great. LT in Ca.











Here I am (pale pink dress) at my sister’s wedding. I am standing. No more RSD/CRPS in my right leg after your surgeries. Thanks so much Dr. Dellon.

SPN wedding Lexi Anderson

Two years after you operated on the nerves in my legs, I am back running and lifting weights again. Good as new. Tx Dr Dellon. SP

sean parker lifting 2

Sean Parker lifing weights

I went trick or treating last night Dr Dellon. Last Thanksgiving I was home in a wheelchair. Thanks

IMG 3023 foot

Watch me walk. 6 mo. since you released the nerves on my right crushed foot. No more RSD. No wheelchair. Tx Dr. Dellon. LT

I have chosen to be on Rose Bowl parade float after foot nerve/tendon reconstruction by Dr Dellon. MJ from A

Jayroe at Green Valley movie shoot 10 2015

Here I am swimming in Bermuda with Mom & sister. RSD & CRPS are gone Dr. Dellon.

Tx. AS from RI

childs 988

After 15 months in wheel chair with RSD (CRPS) due to snowboarding injury to left knee, your knee denervation surgery returned my life. Here I am kayaking alone and tubing. My knee works. My skin does not hurt anymore.

denervation rsd foot boy

15 months since snowboading accident caused RSD (CRPS). 8 weeks after Dr Dellon’s surgery. My family can touch my knee again and I can walk.



Me doing pool rehab. Have not been able to let anything touch my leg >in 16 months. Just 3 weeks after your surgery and I am now walking & swimming Dr Dellon. AD

After nearly 16 months of pure hell and agonizing pain, only 3 weeks after surgery with Dr. Dellon:

  • Bandages: Gone
  • Stitches: Gone
  • Hypersensitivity to touch: Gone (We are selling touches to his knee for $5.00 per touch)
  • Knee Brace: Gone
  • Shower bag to go over leg: Gone
  • Wheelchair: Preparing to be donated

Local RI Doctors orders: Get out of my office. Go enjoy your life. Don't come back. J Rehab starts today. He will soon walk out of hell with a smile on his face! We will be forever grateful to Dr. Dellon, family, friends and supporters along the way. Today truly is the first day of the rest of his life. Now to get the word out to save others kids like Aidan who were told its all in his head. And soon I am going to take my son fishing.

I took my first shower in 15 months! My snowboard injury gave me CRPS (RSD) of left knee. Your surgery removed my pain. Tx Doc. Aidan

first shower

After a snowboarding accident, this 13 year old, suffering from RSD (CRPS) of left knee, responds to a series of Dr Dellon¹s nerve blocks to joint and skin nerves that demonstrate there is hope for him if these damaged nerves are removed at surgery.

I won my first diving medal. Thank you again for fixing the hurt nerves in my leg. JW, NJ


Jackie Swick wins diving medal

Going back to work. Crushed foot once with RSD, now is ticklish. Tx Dr Dellon DH of Md


Wow! Finished 5K run!. It is 2.5 years since your last surgery for RSD of my left foot. I am running again. Tx you Dr Dellon. SH of Va


Disabled by pain after bunion surgery 7 yrs ago. RSD! CRPS! No sheets touched my foot. Today husband touches me. Smiling. Tx Dr Dellon Lori

rsd foot1

Hello Dr Dellon, just sending in an update from Canada. I have been practically pain free for the past three years since you performed surgery on my left leg/foot following a crush injury resulting in RSD. Here are some pictures of me competing in a mud run to support cancer research in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. ( I am wearing the pink head band and green shirt) Before I met you and your fabulous team I never would have imagined I could do anything like this ever again. Thank you again for using your magic hands to make this possible!

Joanna Roellchen-Pfohl


bridge 1I walked all the way from Grand Central Station to South Street Seaport!!! Then to Little Italy for meatballs and a beer!

Thanks Dr D. SH








Suellen is wearing shoes, back at work, taking daughters to look at colleges. 2 yrs after surgery for RSD of her left foot.

Tx Dr Dellon

foot operation



I am back to Rodeo Barrel Racing. Your surgery fixed my right foot RSD after a horse crushed that leg.

Tx Dr Dellon. MW, Seattle

Barrel Racing 2 years POp Madison Waber

From wheelchair to walking. Your nerve surgery relieved my RSD Dr Dellon. Tx D from U

debpcs2 deb wirth post op


Naïve, reluctant, and stubborn I refused to accept this as my fate. When I was fourteen years old pain was a part of my every day life. Multiple doctors suggested that giving up the thing I loved the most was the only solution to my pain. I was told that if I did not quit figure skating, my feet would be ruined to the point where one day walking would be a challenge. With my mom by my side I visited more doctors, tried absurd home remedies, and researched online, but nothing seemed to help. “Over use” and rest ware not acceptable answers. Headstrong and persistent I continued to skate.

Skating led me to Fairfax, Virginia where I trained in the summer and on school vacations with a coach that lived there. There is where I met another skater, Anna Madorsky, in the summer of 2010 who had struggled with injuries a few years prior. By her suggestion I made an appointment with a doctor in Baltimore. Although skeptical, I was hoping for a new perspective, hopefully one that offered answers. After six hours in Dr. Dellon’s office, sitting through tests, poking and prying exactly where it hurt, he came to a verdict, something no other doctor I had seen was able to do. Less than a week after the initial appointment, I headed back to Baltimore to have surgery on my foot.

Dr. Dellon was an atypical doctor to say the least. Of the six hours I spent in his office, I was not just waiting to see him or confused as to what he had to say. In this short period of time he got to know me as an individual, not just my injury. He continued to email, call, and check up on me after I had traveled back home to Cary. The following year I returned to Baltimore for a second surgery. He stayed in touch just as he had the first time making sure I was doing well, and answering any questions that came about.

Still, I did not fully realize how outstanding of a man Dr. Dellon was, or what a true friend I had gained until over a year after my most recent surgery. He contacted me not to check on my foot or see if I was better, but to see how life was going. Dr. Dellon impacted my life more than just helping me regain my physicality and ability to skate. His goal is not to just fix the problem, but rather to help and encourage the person that is stuck. Because of him I know now that in what ever I decide do I want to help people. I want my schooling and work to provide me with the opportunity to enhance other’s lives as Dr. Dellon did to mine. I want to be able to give other people hope and have them find a friend in me as he did and continues to do.



Hey. ONE YEAR WITHOUT CRUTCHES. I use bike & treadmill. RSD so much better since your surgery. Back at work.

SH in Va

RSD Suellen Jan 2014 1 RSD suellen Jan 2014 2

rodeoBack in my Championship form horseback rodeo riding. RSD, CRPS, crutches, are all gone.

Thanks Dr Dellon. MW Seattle












Lucy Waite 6 weeks POp painting roofI am on a ladder and painting my room 6 weeks after you fixed my heel pain neuroma and tarsal tunnel surgery. Like my Grandma boots? Wow. Thanks.

LW in Utah.








rsd foot pain

Me, with RSD in feet, sitting in wheelchair for my daughter's wedding.









Now, after your surgery, me walking again.

Tx Dr Dellon.


It is only two months since my surgery with you. You used Ketamine anesthesia. Here are my feet in the James River. I walked a mile to get here. Both feet look the same.

SEH, Va.









1072518 4991974204422 34840820 oI just wanted to post a quick THANK YOU.. the staff at the surgery center was awesome and to say attentive is an understatement. Dr. Dellon.. you epitomize the term physician - because you are a physician in the truest sense of the word. I was terrified going into this - but you quickly gained my trust (something difficult to do when it comes to doctors).

Thank you for "living" your career and caring so much for your patients.. for once I didn't feel like a number in someone's file cabinet.





IMG 8169Walking much better after the nerve surgery you did. RSD is getting ready to leave me alone. SH













Two years since you did my surgery. 18 years since my sports injury. Look at me now. Yoga is great. 

Tx Dr Dellon. K in Fla.

yoga yoga 2

Saphenous Neurofibroma Wu Bao Jing POpI am back in China and dancing in my salsa classes Dr Dellon. Thank you for removing that painful nerve in my leg. BJW.


IMG 5942 3 800x600

No more sural neuroma pain. Finally. Thanks Dr Dellon. I can throw away this crutch!


 IMG 5312 3 800x600  IMG 5313 3 800x600

Hey, I am back riding my horse. The one that fell on my leg to give me RSD. Thanks for your surgery Dr Dellon.

136 800x600 2  135 800x600    

Happy New year 2013 to you! Remember that 4 years before you operated on me, a car ran over my left foot leaving me paralyzed with RSD. Here are two pictures from my Nicaragua trip, the first is pretty self explanatory, but the second one is me attempting to pull a 50 gallon pail of water from a 100ft well! Would never have thought either was possibe if it weren't for you and your surgery on my left leg 3 years ago. Joanna, Canada

 134 800x600

Water walking in my pink shoes! It has been 18 months since I could walk due to my RSD of the right knee/foot. It is just three weeks since your surgery.
Thanks Doctor Dellon. JB from CA

 131 800x600

Enjoying the Holidays with my husband. My RSD foot is warm and pink. I can now touch the top of my foot again without pain. 6 days after your surgery. Thanks Dr Dellon

  132 800x600

Madison (white scarf) enjoys a Holiday Reunion with her family after Dr Dellon relieves the RSD of foot by peripheral nerve.


4 months after you removed the last painful nerve from my foot, we carve turkey together and drink a toast of Thanksgiving that my pain is gone. Suellen, Virginia

 IMG 4105 800x600  IMG 4102 800x600

My RSD left foot now looks so much like my right one, and I am walking with John. No crutches.
Thanks Dr Dellon. SH, Virginia

 rsd 800x600

We went for lunch in the harbor. NO crutches!! In all the times to see you, we have never been able to do this.
Best part? Not just holding hands with John, but nobody staring at me! 

 222 800x600

Thanks for fixing my heel pain enough so I can use the kick stand on my bike. Dr. Dellon, here are Nancy and me in Boothbay Harbor Maine a couple of weeks ago. We have enjoyed the summer on the cycle with an eight day trip to Nova Scotia at the end of July.

 Suellen at Beach 6 months sp Tibial Nx 3 800x600 

At the beach with my Dad (left) and Uncle (right) 6 months after Dr Dellon removed painful nerve causing RSD of my foot. Can you guess which foot had the RSD?


 sullen feet before 800x600        Suellen Feet 6 mo post Tibx 3 800x600

My RSD foot on the left from 2009 and how it looks now Dr Dellon after your surgeries. I can walk without my crutches now.

 RSD of the foot successfully treated by nerve decompressions by Dr Dellon.



Dancing with Dad, like Dancing with the Stars, after Dr Dellon stopped 3 years of pain & paralysis in my foot.

Sara P, NJ


High school senior able to run on relay team after peroneal palsy and foot pain reversed by Dr Dellon's surgery.

Young woman with chronic refractory ankle and foot pain after seemingly simple ankle sprain. She was diagnosed with compression of the superficial peroneal nerve in the leg due to a stress – traction type injury from the ankle sprain. She has excellent recovery with relief of her pain and better sensation after surgery by Dr. Eric Williams.


Dear Dr. Dellon:
Its been 10 years since you operated on me and in honor of your surgeries, I wanted to explain what I went through before I met you and provide an update on my current condition.
I had an injury that included a very painful sprained ankle and torn ligament.  Additionally, there was nerve damage and I was diagnosed with RSD.  I was treated by several doctors who also worked with the professional football players in my city and after 7 nerve blocks these doctors told me that I would never walk again.  I was told to buy a wheel chair, that I would be on a fentanyl pump and would remain in horrible pain for the rest of my life. 
As you know, I refused to buy a wheel chair and the doctors proceeded to fire me as a patient! A neurologist continued to see me but my treating physicians would not.  I decided to attempt to rehab myself in a pool and after 3 months, could walk short distances without crutches.  I had been unable walk for total of 10 months. 
I knew that needed more medical assistance to fully recover and after having previously gone to several highly recommended doctors, I did not know who else to see. So I went back to the original doctors to show them that I could walk and let them also realize that I needed more medical assistance.  After 23 additional nerve blocks, 2 of which were phenol, I was not improving.  The pain was now in both feet and legs. During one of the visits to the operating room I was dropped while I was unconscious, completely rupturing the L-4, L-5 and L-5, SI joints.
In 2000 I learned about your nerve test, surgery and successful reputation. I told the neurologist about your surgery.  The neurologist basically laughed at me by saying “if there was a surgery available to cure the pain that you have, there would be a line of patients from here to Dallas waiting for it.”  
Regardless of his statement, I set up an appointment with you in Baltimore and after your nerve testing, you operated on each leg separately.  I am happy to report that the result is that I have been a runner for several years.  I run from 3 to 5 miles whenever I want.  I wanted you to have a photo of me running.
I really appreciate what you did for me.  Thanks Dr. Dellon!

"He is now standing on one leg, his previously
painful RSD leg, while pitching".

"Pre-Op This is appearance of RSD in the left foot before surgery"

Proximal Tibial Nerve Palsy


 Dr. Dellon was an angel sent from heaven to us.

In December of 2008 Jeffrey went into the hospital for a routine surgery to have his ACL repaired.  He had a peripheral nerve block in place therefore was numbed from his thighs to his toes; a brace was put on his leg.  Unfortunately the brace was too tight.  The tight brace caused Compartment Syndrome, which then led to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  This caused a paralyzed leg and excruciating pain in his foot.

We met Dr. Dellon on June 16, 2009 and knew we trusted him immediately.  Dr. Dellon performed surgery on July 16, 2009, and the progress he has made since then is truly a miracle.  He is still working hard to this day towards the best possible outcome.

We will forever be grateful to Dr. Dellon for helping our son with his kind compassionate ways and most of all for his skilled hands that started us on the road to recovery!

--The McDonald Family


Crushed Foot 



Dear Dr Dellon,

It was hard for most people to understand the frustration and suffering I experienced from more than 20 years of sporadic episodes of unexplained shooting pain in my toes. I saw multiple neurologists, orthopedists, pain specialists, osteopaths, chiropractors and therapists, and nobody had an explanation or a solution. I was even told by an emergency room doctor that there are no nerves in the top of my big toe, so I couldn't be feeling the pain that brought to him at 2 am and that I knew was absolutely real!

I would wake up in the middle of the night crying with pain and it would last for two to three days, and nothing helped. Eventually, having figured out which nerve was most likely the cause, and following an unsuccessful attempt by another surgeon to decompress the suspected nerve, the pain was constant and only a substantial daily dose of codeine relieved it.

Researching on line and following trails of information finally led us to you. The most amazing thing was your immediate comprehension of the problem and your willingness to try to track down the exact site of the nerve compression and attempt a surgical procedure to correct it. You suspected that the nerve was caught at the site of a 30 year old fracture of the tibia that had gradually built up scar tissue that trapped the nerve. To relieve the pain in my toes I needed surgery above the fracture site on my calf. Then, when the surgery was only partially successful, it became clear that an adjacent nerve was also trapped in the same area. You immediately scheduled a second surgery three weeks later to complete the job and relieve my pain.

Now, at the six week mark, I am off the codeine and relieved of all its nasty side effects. Last week, as you predicted, I returned to my favorite activity, sailing, and was jumping around the boat barefoot doing my usual tasks. Today I rode my bike for the first time in months. I still have some prickly sensation in the toes, especially at night, but it is quite bearable. Since it is gradually subsiding, I expect to be completely free of pain in the not too distant future.

I am 68 years young, and now feel that I have many years of productive activity ahead of me. I had almost lost hope that I could travel or commit myself to accept volunteer or family responsibilities since I never knew when I would be in severe pain or heavily drugged, or incapacitated for days at a time. As so many of your patients seem to say, I have my life back thanks to you.

Kayla Niles 

Opera Singer Regains Ability to Walk on Stage


Crushed Heel


Agueda Herrero, Barcelona, Spain, December 2006

Dear Dr Dellon,

I hope you remember me. I am the Doctor from Spain that you operated on one year ago. At that time I was unable to walk without pain and numbness in my leg due to a previous injury. My pain had been with me for years and getting worse. Your surgery has been completely successful. There are no longer the skin color changes in my foot and no swelling. The pain is gone.

You decompressed two nerves in my lower leg and gave the muscles room to grow again. Now I can do my usual work to visit patients, do my pulmonary medicine (bronchoscopy). I can walk without problems and I can dance with my wife again!!!!!!!!

When you come to Barcelona, please come and visit me.

Agueda Herrero, MD
Pulmonary Medicine Specialist
Barcelona, Spain

Three Teenagers, Each with a Paralyzed Leg


 Susan Brown(Anna's Mother), La Jolla, CA, September 2005

Dear Dr Dellon:

Anna and I wanted to give you a follow-up report on how her right foot is doing following your surgery three years ago.  At that time she stopped competitive figure skating because of the pain in the dorsum (top) of her right foot.  This hurt particularly with take offs and landings during her jumps.  She had seen many doctors as she was competing at the level of the national team.  There were no stress fractures, and she had tried all types of skates.  You diagnosed an entrapment a nerve on the top of her foot, beneath a tendon and crossing a bone.  This is compression of the deep peroneal nerve, a condition you first described.  Wel......

All is well, Anna's foot is great.  She is finishing her last year in college in Colorado, and well, missed skating so much she is training and doing triple jumps again.  She will be going to qualifying competitions.  She loves the competition so, and can now look at it somehow with new eyes!!!  The foot is as if nothing had ever happened to it....

Again Thank you...
Susan Brown
La Jolla, CA

Foot Drop CPN


Grisha & Gregg Phillips, New York, October 2004

Dear Dr. Dellon:

About a year ago my son Gregg was suffering from Tarsal Tunnel syndrome.  His case was rather severe and when we would travel, he found it necessary to have a wheelchair.  He was constantly in pain and could not walk any distance without some assistance.  One day, I picked up a copy of USA Today which featured and article on Podiatry.  I guess it was meant to be.  Fortunately this article lead us to you. It is obvious why you have such a wonderful reputation in your field.  Gregg had been suffereing a few  years, seen many different doctors, all with various diagnosis and suggestions.  Nothing seemed to help him.  The doctors were not terribly encouraging.  Up until seeing you, we had almost given up hope of ever finding a successful solution.  We were most encouraged by your understanding and grasp of the problem.  You instilled confidence and we decided to follow through with your advice and have surgery to correct the problem.  Here it is a year later and Gregg is pain free.  It is so wonderful to know that he can now plan to go places and do things with his family, and not have to worry about his feet hurting him.

I might also add that both Lisa and Rita in your office were wonderful and extremely helpful.  Everything was handled in a very professional manner.  The services were very much appreciated.  We hope this letter is an inspiration to others who might be contemplating similar surgery with you.

Gregg joins me in thanking you again for everything.  Best regards to you and your competent staff.

Grisha S. Phillips
Gregg Phillips (Syracuse, New York)

CAUSALGIA After Procedure


CAUSALGIA and Compression of CPN




Foot Drop Pre op # 1



Foot Drop Post op # 1


RSD Foot Pre-op #2


RSD Foot Pre-op #2A



RSD Foot Post op #2B 


IMG 9640IMG 9643




















Even after being in cast for 5 weeks from a wound on the bottom of my foot, and RSD flaring,
I was able to push through. I put my running shoes on and did 2 miles on the beach ❤️
I’m thankful for you every day.
You never gave up in fixing me.
Can’t thank you enough 😘

Wife and I went to basketball game. No more numb feet for me. More than 20 years since you operated on my compressed nerves. I am still a diabetic but no longer have those foot pains. Thanks again Dr. Dellon. N & A

IMG 2573

My wife Nan and I are enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean. It is a year since you operated on my feet for neuropathy and nerve compressions. AND, I CAN FEEL THE SHIP DECK UNDER MY FEET. Next stop Dominican Republic!. Thanks Dr. Dellon. AG

Look Dr. Dellon, I am back hunting! Thanks for bringing my painful & diabetic foot back to life by nerve decompression 8 months ago. PR in Ak

neuropathy testimonial 001

10 years since I could feel my foot due to diabetic neuropathy. 1 day since Dr. Dellon released my nerves.

jcIt is two years since the surgery done at the Dellon Institute in Baltimore to decompress nerves that were compressed because the diabetes made the nerves more likely to be compressed. Now fully recovered from nerve decompression surgery in both legs, John Cheadle couldn’t be happier. “There is really no adequate way of telling people what constant pain is like,” he says. “That’s gone.” He pauses to search for words, and then declares: “It’s just joyous not having to deal with that pain all the time. I can enjoy life in the way a person really should.”

Click here to read more




16 years since you operated on both legs and both arms. I am still a diabetic. was in a wheelchair. Now, no more symptoms. AM

neuropathy 16 yeas post op Aaron Mahr

After 10 years of worsening neuropathy pain & loss of function, I can bike again with my wife. Decompression surgery helped me a lot. EW

Ellis  Mary Walker 5 weeks post op bike riding

11 years since nerve releases in my feet. Still diabetic but neuropathy isn’t bothering me. Here I’m on an archeology dig in Wyoming this past year. I am the one with cap with the American flag on it.


neuropathyMe at play. 16 years since you release the nerves in my feet for chemotherapy-induced neuropathy.

Tx Dr Dellon. LJ in Md.








Eleven years since you did the nerve decompressions on my feet. I am still a diabetic but the neuropathy is not bothering me. Here I am on Safari in Tanzania this past year. Thank you so much Dr Dellon. Scott N., Wyoming.

safar tanzania1 safari tanzania 2

Dear Dr Dellon, (wed morning January 1st, 2014)

It has been my happiness in knowing you; in the discovery of the work you have been doing, helping other persons to free them of pain, increase ability to function and live, through your discoveries and contributions in the area of peripheral neuropathies and finding new solutions for pathologies and physical problems regarding nerves.

It has seemed to me that your work in this field is a major contribution to medicine in our time, in this century.

Mitchel S.

100 1651 3 800x600  100 1671 3 800x600
Thirty-three years ago I began exhibiting symptoms of neuropathy. Twenty-three years ago I was referred to you. I want to thank you again for taking me as your patient and giving me realistic hope and defying the odds. Your nerve release prevented my symptoms from getting worse, as had happened over the previous 10 agonizing years. The residual symptoms I endure are minimal. I still use my insulin pump and am very careful about my blood sugar level. To have the nerves regenerate back to 100% is something I was told would never happen yet you have proven otherwise. I am enjoying full use of my hands and of my feet, as you can see me here with my son Chris, who is now going to be a doctor. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me! Forever grateful,

Vicki, the Nurse, Aberdeen, Maryland

One year after you released nerves in my second foot, you can see me here dancing with my husband. My neuropathy pain is gone and sensation has returned. Thanks Dr Dellon, Kathy


Sue, a woman suffering from neuroptahy, laughs as her husband gives her the "test tickle" the day following surgery. Sensation was restored after she had a Dellon Triple release procedure by Dr Dellon in Henderson, Nevada


Ticklish sensation recovered week after surgery in type I diabetic following nerve decompression in feet by Dr Dellon.


Marti and Kent walk down the aisle together. Marti now has had sensation restored to both of her feet. Her neuropathy was caused by chemotherapy. She was able to dance at her wedding following the nerve decompression surgeries on her legs by A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD.

Pain relieved and sensation recovered after nerve decompressions in foot and leg. 


Golfer wins club Senior Championship after Dr Dellon restores sensation and balance to her feet. She has neuropathy.


Middle aged woman with diabetic peripheral neuropathy was told that there was nothing that could be done for her to relieve her pain and help restore sensation to her feet. She was diagnosed with nerve compressions of the proximal tibial nerve in the calf and common peroneal nerve at the knee. She has had excellent improvement in both her pain and her feeling in the left leg after nerve decompression surgery by Dr. Eric Williams.


Middle aged woman with Type 2 diabetes on an insulin pump was told that there was nothing that could be done for her diabetic peripheral neuropathy which was causing numbness and pain in her feet. She was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome and underwent a tarsal tunnel release by Dr. Williams. She has had good restoration of sensation and relief of pain. She can now even feel the hole in the bottom of the sock that she could not feel on the other foot! This will surely help prevent diabetic ulcers in the future and give her better balance to prevent falls.

After Dr Dellon's surgery to relieve nerve compressins in both of my feet, and my hips/thighs, my neuropathy symptoms have dramatically improved.  I had been in unbearable pain, but Dr Dellon's surgery enabled me to lead a normal pain free life, which I did not believe was ever possible.  In fact, the attached family photo of a recent visit to our historic Mormon Temple would not have been possible without Dr Dellon's amazing skill!  He has restored my entire quality of life!



Breast Cancer Survivor with Neuropathy relieves pain and recovers sensation in her foot.


Women with neuropathy recovers sensation shortly after nerve decompressions in the tarsal tunnel region of her ankle. Dr Dellon's surgery causes her to laugh intensely when her foot is tickled. 

~Deborah B from New Jersey


Sensation still present in hands and feet ten years after nerve decompression in a patient with diabetes.



Dr A Lee Dellon restores sensation to the foot of a man with diabetes and neuropathy in Rumania. This video opens with a Rumanian TV camera crew interviewing Professor Mihai Ionac who invited Dr Dellon to his hospital in Timisoara Rumania to teach the surgery that Dr Dellon developed. Then you see the patient's foot being tickled by Dr Dellon and the patient smiling since he can now feel his foot for the first time in 3 years. Dr Dellon operated on three patients during his visit to Timisoara on November 10, and also gave a lecture entitled "Prevention of Ulceration and Amputation by Restoration of Sensation to the Feet of Patients with Neuropathy and Nerve Compression by Neurolysis of Peripheral Nerves". The lecture was given at Victor Babes University in Timisoara where Dr. Mihai Ionac is Professor of Plastic and Vascular Surgery.

Alcoholic Neuropathy



Neuropathy Pain Relief


Neuropathy Pain Relief


Golfer Disabled by Neuropathy Plays Golf Again


Hello Dr. Dellon,

As promised, here is a current photo of me on my elliptical machine.  Before the summer 2006 and summer 2007 surgeries I had pain in the right foot and numbness in the left and was facing a severe curtailment of my rigorous exercise program.

Your diagnosis pinpointed an underlying neuropathy missed by others. Following the 2006 surgery on the right foot and lower leg I regained significant function and relief of pain.

The 2007 procedure on left foot further improved my situation. Now as long as I wear very soft-soled shoes I can walk all I want--and even use the elliptical machine--without any pain.

I do feel stiffness in both feet in the morning on first awakening, but that immediately goes away once I move around. Although I have not developed diabetes (probably because of persistent exercise and careful attention to healthful eating), I now realize I have an underlying metabolic problem that will probably lead to further neuropathy in the future.

Knowing your procedure is available makes that knowledge far easier to handle.Thank you.

Diane Leos

Bilateral Tarsel Tunnel


 Audrey Jacks, New Orleans, LA , September 2005

Dear Dr Dellon,

It has now been 8 months since you did the surgery that took the pressure off the nerves in my left foot. It was three years since that painful neuropathy began. My feet were even starting to turn colors. It was worse with walking, which caused terrific pain. No one knew the cause of my neuropathy. You found that there were three different places in my leg where my nerves were compressed.

I have to tell you that I am truly getting better. So much so that I really don't think I will need to have the other foot done, which is hard to understand. It is not 100% yet, but it so much better than before. I'm able to walk quite a lot now without pain. I bouth an elliptical machine and am using it very gently.

Here is a picture of me on my machine excercising at home.

Guess you are busy as before. Are you still teaching? Tell Lisa, Rita, and Gina, the girls in your office hello for me. I am so grateful for all you've done for me.

Audry Jacks
Metairie, (New Orleans), La.

Neuropathy Unknown Etiology



JWCbb, St. Andrews, Scotland, April 2005

JWCbb copmleteing 18 holes at St. Andrew's Old Course, Scotland, three years after bilater peripheral nerve decompressions by Dr. A. Lee Dellon.


Neuropathy Unknown Etiology



Linda Bszotski, Pennsylvania, December 2004

Dear Dr. Dellon:

My life has changed in so many ways because of the surgery that you did.  The pain in my left leg, the one that required amputation is now gone.  I did not realize how much pain I was in.  I had gotten used to it, but then I could no longer wear my prosthesis.  Now, after surgery, I am sleeping again, enjoying eating again, and smiling again.

I have enclosed photos of me playing golf and skiing, wearing the prosthesis.

You were able to find the painful nerves, and relocate them.  Words cannot express how I feel.  I have my life back.

The word has to get out about peripheral nerve damage, so others with pain can be helped.

Linda Bszotski
Nicholson, Pennsylvania 

Neuropathy Unknown Etiology


Carolyn Little, Altavista, Virginia, December 2004

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a former patient of Dr. Dellon.  He did nerve decompressions in both of my feet and both of my hands, requiring four different operations over the course of one year.  My hands and feet continue now to have feeling and relief of pain.  He was the frst to tell me I had a neuropathy related to what they called then "prediabetes" and now they call the Metabolic Syndrome, or hyperinsulinemia.  He predicted that one day I would be told that I had diabetes, and last year, in fact, they did finally make that diagnosis.

I frst saw him in 1994, the first of many visits.  And the first of many surgeries.  Surgeries which saved me years of pain and diabetes in my arms and hands.  I owe him so much.  He gave me hope and a diagnosis when Doctors in Virginia did nothing.

I will never forget him and I constantly tell others about him.  Not only about his abilities in the operating room but also of his caring and wonderful treatment of his patients.  A Doctor who cares and shows it!

I owe him much, but I know that there is no way I can ever repay him, except to ask God to Bless him always!

Carolyn Little
Altavista, Virginia

Neuropathy Unknown Etiology


 Florence Steele, September 2004

Dear Dr. Dellon:

Since the surgeries you did on both my legs and feet three years ago, I can honestly say that I seldom ever have any pain in my legs or feet due to neuropathy.  I am experiencing residual pain in my calves from being on the statin, Lipitor, for so many years.  As you know, I did not have diabetes, and the cause of my previous neuropathy pain remains unknown.

I recently had a chance to look up your new website, and although I did not have diabetes, I found the site to be very informative.  Also, I finally found the time to go to, and find out about the Diabetic Neuropathy Foundation of the Southwest.  I think it is a wonderful idea.

I am so very thankful that you too me as a patient and relieved me of the pain in my feet - it has been wonderful to be without pain.

My sincere thanks,

Florence Steele

Diabetic Neuropathy


Mary Davis, Kattskill Bay, NY, September 2003

I'm not a diabetic.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after surgery in December of 1998 and went through chemotherapy from January to May of 1999.  Towards the end of chemo, I began to feel tingling and numbness in my hands and feet.  Upon finishing chemo, the nurses told me I'd feel "like my 'ole self" in three months.

The tingling in my hands diminished after chemo while the sensations in my feet escalated and the numbness continued.  My feet felt like they were encased in socks filled with tiny glass slivers (24/7).  They were hypersensitive to heat and cold. Neurontin (2400 mg/day) and elavil in the evenings "took the edge off", reducing the glass slivers to sand and gravel.

I was working full time, but by the time I got home in the evening, my feet and body were aching so much I wasn't able to continue standing to prepare dinner.  I was exhasuted from the mental distraction of trying to ignore the pain as I worked through the day.  I kept wondering why I wasn't feeling any better.  My pain level was 9-10 on a 10 scale.

When I walked with others, I found myself unable to keep up, no matter how hard I tried.  I didn't feel any better than a month after completing chemo.  I had been a ski patroller for 30 years and was no longer able to perfrm on-hill/on-skis duties.  At work, I was finding the tasks such as climbing a ladder or hiking through the woods were approaching impossible (due to loss of sensory/balance and motor functions), leaving me faced with becoming disable and no longer able to work.  I was under treatment for depression and had lost the joy in my life.

My oncologist told me that I needed to get out and walk more (before chemo I had been faithfully walking 2 miles a day 4-5 days a week).  I tried to return to walking and after a mile, found myself clinging to a telephone pole with tears in my eyes from the pain in my feet.  As I took my socks off when I got home, I noticed that they were bloody and found large broken blisters on the bottoms of both feet (so numb I didn't even feel it).

While I continued to be told "there's nothing more (than medication) that can be done," I turned to the internet in search of an answer as to why not.  That's where I found Dr. Dellon in October of 2001.  After a few exchanges of email, I was in Baltimore for testing and consultation.  I learned that my onset predated the research that had been done on chemo induced neuropathy and was advised that although "something could be done" it was unsure as to what extent I might shed the pain and regain sensory and motor function.  The explanation of how the chemo damaged the nerves made sense to me and I figured that I had nothing to lose life wasn't worth it living as I was, so any improvement was better than how things were.

I had surgery on my right knee, ankle, and foot in January of 2002 and on the left one in May of 2002.  By November I could clearly see progress.  I was taking less medication AND I was no longer stumbling when I walked.  By late December I realized that I had to discipline myself to not stare at the ground and analyze each step; that I could trust my feet to sense balance as I walked.

I am now (09/03) over a year out from both surgeries.  Although I'm still talking medication for the pain (down to 1200-1600 mg. of neurontin daily, depending on my level of activity) and I am not up to full speed, I continue to see progress and have sufficient feeling back in my feet so I no longer stumble and trip and they don't get blistered when I walk.  Most importantly, I am no longer living with severe chronic pain (now ranges from 2-5, depending on level of activity, and continues to drop) and I have returned to full duties at work along with reesuming recreational activities such as snow skiing that I love so much.

Diabetic Neuropathy


Thomas N. Zirkle, January 2004

Before the operation, my feet were in real pain. Even getting out of bed was a real problem because my feet hurt so much. Walking and standing for any amount of time was almost impossible. I could not even pivot up on my toes to get in my truck. I had to pull myself up and in flat footed.

I had tried every orthotic including some that cost two and three hundred dollars.  I think they only shift the pain from one area to another and do not do anything to relieve the pain.  Other doctors were telling me that foot alignment was the problem when the nerves in my feet were dying.

Pain medications including Neurontin (which is most doctors favorite) only numb the dying nerves so that you may feel less pain.

Dr. Dellon's operation greatly increased the feeling and strength in my feet.  The feeling has increases and pain has been reduced.  The strength has increased until I can now stand on my tip toes without problems.  Getting in the truck is no longer a problem.  My stability has improved until I am no longer tripping over objects on the floor.  I am able to walk through the house barefooted.  As a matter of fact, barefooted is when my feet feel best.  I am now able to enjoy hunting and fishing trips without pain!

There are five things I think will help diabetics with foot neuropathy.  One, stop pain medications.  Two, quit all statin cholesterol medication (get zieta which works in the stomach).  Three, get correct and loose fitting shoes.  Four, maintain absolute control of your blood glucose level (a 5.7 a1c level).  And last, and most important of all, get this operation to increase the blood flow and restore the feeling and strength in your feet.

Neuropathy Unknown Etiology


Diabetic Neuropathy


 Diabetic Neuropathy


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