Ulnar redo Nicole Shew DJ post op

I am back working as a DJ. Full use of my are after your surgery with no more numbness or tingling in the little and ring finger, and good strength and co-ordination. My ulnar nerve had been operated on twice before by another doctor. You told me very few people in the world have had that surgery three times. You did it. Third time was the charm. Making great music again thanks to you, Dr. Dellon. NS

Five other ulnar nerve surgeries left my arm in pain. Dr Dellon, after your surgery I am all smiles. Tx AG

ulnar nerve1

Dr Dellon it is called a dragster, it is 237" long (24 feet from nose to parachute). It is powered by a 421 small block chevy with 700 horse power.I went 5.80 secs in the 1/8th mile at 125 mph, wow, what a rush. I would not have been able to do this without you, you will always we in my heart as I race down the track, four wheel with myhubby and snowmobile with out any issues related to my shoulder, neck and elbow so again thank you. I will keep in touch as I hope you do. I thought you would enjoy seeing me get out of the dragster using both arms, no help, yeah, again it was a complete rush and I cannot wait until next season when we travel more. It is one year since you released my brachial plexus and transposed my ulnar nerve. Thanks again. Pauline S.


Me, pitching my first college baseball game. My "thrower's elbow" pain is gone. My confidence is back.Tx Dr Dellon. BR

Brian Roden First Freshman Game

IMG 8166

Snapping my fingers again. Your ulnar nerve transposition was just what I needed. Tx Dr D.



1421 800x600

My ulnar nerve palsy reconstruction is doing great. Here I am sailing. We won the race. It is one year since my electrical burn destroyed my ulnar nerve. My sensation is coming back and so is my hand function. Thanks Dr Dellon. Ted in New England



Surgery by Dr Eric Williams

Young woman with severe chronic persistant pain in her left hand after injury and previous surgery to treat that injury. When she was sent to us, she had a hard time even touching the skin in the palm of her hand and the 4th and 5th finger. She had a decompression of the ulnar nerve at the wrist and we removed several small nerve branches to the skin of the palm (ulnar palmar cutaneous nerve) that were stuck in scar tissue from her previous operation. She has had an excellent response to surgery. Her sensation is better and her pain is gone.

Jenn the Baker

Jenn the Baker returns to unique cooking skills after Dr Dellon corrects her ULNAR NERVE problem. Now ten months after difficult ulnar nerve surgery, Jenn is fully capable to work as a baker.

We are married! My thoracic outlet symptoms are gone. Wish you could have been at this party Dr Dellon. Your surgery worked great. Tx. BR

we are mar

We are getting married! No problem raising both hands over head now after your brachial plexus surgery.

Tx Dr Dellon the Rs

wedding invitation Barry  Shauna


Robin is smiling now as her previously paralyzed thumb and index finger now can make this perfect circle following Dr Dellon's neurolysis of the median nerve in her forearm.


Young man returns to work after Dr Eric Williams does an anterior scalenectomy and plexus neurolysis for “thoracic out let syndrome”


Dr Dellon operated on me 25 years ago. I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Now I can hold my hands over my head and do anything I want with my hands and arms. No more numbness or weakness in my hands; No more shoulder and neck pain. Thanks Dr Dellon, Karen B



Dear Doctor Dellon, Here is a photo of our son (Ignacio F. Chavez) who was a patient of yours. He had the partially paralyzed shoulder from playing football. He was able to play this year and made it thru with no additional injuries. We prayed God would give him just his senior year of playing football, and God, answered our prayers. We just want to thank you and your staff for the great hospitality and appreciate all the assistance you provided to us during his recovery. We also would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Patricia R. Chavez, (Ignacio's Mom)

Sierra Vista, Arizona



Michael Coleman, Belize, December 2006

Dear Dr Dellon,

It is 6 months since my last email to you. The nerve and tendon transfers you did for my paralyzed left arm, injured now two and a half years ago, continue to bring me increased left arm function. Here are two pictures from my most recent trip to Belize. Fish and Lobster catches with my spear gun. Thank you Doctor Dellon for helping me recover.

Michael & Tammy Coleman

Jeane Plourde, Tahoe, NV, June 27, 2006

Dr. D, Tx to you, I have NO pain since surgery. I never thought I would ever be able to say that. You not only brought hope back in my life, you gave me back my life. How can one give enough thanks for such a miraculous gift? Due to my previous brachial plexus surgery, where they removed a rib from my armpit, my neck and shoulder hurt, I had migraine headaches, my breast hurt, and my hand was weak and tingling. I could not lift my hand over my head. I will be done with detox in one month (suboxen). Please accept my heartfilled love and admiration for your God given talent and dedication.


Branchial Plexus Palsy Pre-op



Branchial Plexus Palsy Post-op



Mike and Tammi Coleman, Denver, Colorado May 2006

May 12th, 2004 (Two years ago) I was roping a cow off of my ATV (4 Wheeler) when the rope wrapped around my hand, arm and tire. It yanked me off and I was drug from behind the ATV. I sustained multiple injuries including a shattered left hip, frontal brain injury, a severe Brachial Plexsus injury of the left arm, compound fractures of two fingers, and a missing finger.

After a series of surgeries I have remarkable function considering the Neurologists in Colorado did not give me any hope of ever using my arm or hand again. I'm sending you photos of me scuba diving, kayaking and drinking a toast to you in Belize, Central America!
Thanks for everything!

The Cowboy and The Nurse

Brachial Plexus Palsy Pre-op



Brachial Plexus Palsy Post-op



Thank you so much Dr. Dellon for helping me get rid of the debilitating nerve pain with my supraorbital nerve on the left side of my head. I had been to 3 neurologists and several nerve pain meds before I found out about your breakthrough surgery technique in a medical journal. I had been pretty much house bound because of the severe pain and could not enjoy time with my family or friends. The pain was constant and I went through many sleepless nights. After my surgery with you I was off of all pain meds including anything over the counter within 3 weeks.Here is a photo of me working my farm on my tractor; the vibrations and noise no longer bother me. I feel so blessed and can't thank you enough that I got my life back. RH

Look at my smile. Migraines gone. Just one week after surgery. My husband thanks you two. SV

I can now play with my grandchild, and I went out for X-mas WITHOUT MY USUAL MIGRAINE HEADACHES. Am doing great since you removed my occipital nerves Doctor Dellon. MM

2019 01 23 08552019 01 2l3 0855

Returned to high school today Dr. Dellon. No more occipital pain after you did the neurolysis of my occipital nerves on both sides. Healed great. See all my hair still there! Thanks for not shaving it. I am the smiling one, third from the left. L

migraine occipital concussion neurolysis Elisa Rodriguez back at school 9 5 17

After years of occipital migraine pain, related to Chiari Malformation surgery, my headaches are gone and I have returned to work. Your surgery was 7 months ago. Here I am at a recent conference, at the head of the table. Thank you Doctor Dellon for removing those injured nerves. SL


When I first met Dr. Dellon, I was in debilitating pain. I had been diagnosed with a condition called Chiari Malformation and had to under go a craniectomy to make more room in the back of my head for my brain. That was in 2014. My mom and I reached out to Dr. Dellon this year (2016) after spending a year and a half with constant headaches and migraines. I had tried, PT, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, Botox, monthly cortisone injections into the nerves in the back of my head and that seemed to give me some relief but only temporarily. I came to Dr. Dellon in a desperate situation. I was officially debilitated by pain at the young age of 31 and it felt hopeless. After countless specialists, Dr. Dellon found that I had nerve damage as a result of my craniectomy. Immediately, he and his office started working with me to heal my pain and I had my first surgery in July. We did the back of my head where I was relieved of several damaged nerves. I completely stopped having migraines, still headaches but a step in the right direction! Two weeks ago, I had my second and final surgery with Dr. Dellon to repair the nerves in the front of my head to eliminate my headaches. I haven't had a headache yet. The longest I have gone in TWO YEARS! Dr. Dellon is a compassionate and respectful doctor. He always made sure that I was educated about what we were trying to accomplish. In all of his talents he also is the kind of doctor who still makes relationships with his patients, checking up on me personally rather than sending me a recorded message. Dr. Dellon not only saved my sanity but he saved my live. I still have some healing to do but I am well on my way and for the first time in a very long time, hope is by my side.

sarah libby happy smile 10 2016

Thank you Dr. Dellon and thank you to Luiann for helping me. You have changed my life !

Six months since you redid the migraine surgery someone else started. I am now doing great. Tx Dr Dellon. NW from tx

migraine6 mo post op redo Nicole Wildbanks  Gordie

After 10 years of migraines, and one previous failed surgery, Dr. Dellon your surgery has me dancing with my wife again. Thanks so much. AD

migraine 1ds

Me after 3 hours of kayaking. No pain next day! Now 6 weeks after your occipital migraine surgery. My headaches’ gone.

Tx Dr Dellon SV


2nd from left dressed in aubergine, smiling in Technicolor. My sister's wedding & me just 4 weeks after migraine surgery. Tx Dr Dellon. MF

migraine occipital 4 weeks post op Sisters wedding Maria Flynn

Northern pike arctic circle fishing 3 weeks after you removed occipital nerves for severe headache/neck pain. Tx Dr Dellon. I'm the blonde.

migraine maria flynn arctic circle fishing 3 wks post op

It took my brain 3 months to realize "Wait, I DON'T HAVE CONSTANT MIGRAINE HEADACHES ANYMORE!!" I had lived in pain for so long. My joy  doubled!  Dr Dellon, I've seen a lot of doctors and you're #1 in many ways! PB, Texas

image-2 1 image-3


 IMG 4299 3 800x600


I suffered right frontal migraine headaches for 7 years after my brain surgery. Since you decompressed my supra-orbital nerve, I am now one month headache free.




 DSC02353 3 640x480

Migraine headaches have almost disappeared now 5 months after Dr Dellon did a neurolysis on my supra-orbital nerve. You cannot see the scar even. Thank you Dr Dellon




Dana Migraine headaches are gone following surgery on the occipetal nerve by Dr Dellon.  "I was able to overcome my 12 years of suffering, and your surgery changed my life.  I have been wanting to get this surgery known and out to the public somehow so that people can consider it for themselves". Here are photos from my wedding, 6 months after your surgery relieved my pain.


Migraine headaches greatly improved sufficiently that I could travel with my family to visit the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad  Caverns from my home in the mid-west. It is three months after Dr. Dellon operated on the nerves near my right eye to relieve the pressure on these nerves, which has given me the first real relief I have had in ten years.

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