It is 7 months since you operated on me to relieve the facial pain I had following my original aesthetic, facial, surgery. Thank you Doctor Dellon for relieving me of the pain I had in my neck and face. I am out having fun again. Ms P.




My former facial pain is gone. It is five years since my surgery. Here I am with a smile on my face thanks to the Dellon Institute. And I do not miss my peripheral nerve stimulator one bit.  PB





 Pre-Op Patient #2


Post-Op Patient # 2a


Post-Op Patient # 2b


Pre-op Patient #1



Post-op Patient #1



I just finished the 5 Boro 40 km bike race in NYC. It is now 3 years since you denervated my painful ankle and decompressed by “Morton’s Neuromas” in my left foot. Look at me now. Thanks Dr Dellon.  GM

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