• tennis 800x600Am serving in my first tennis tournament since you operated to treat my Tennis Elbow pain. You remember that I had had three surgeries to help my tennis elbow before your surgery. Am doing great.

    Thanks Dr Dellon.

  • water therapy 2Dear Dr. Dellon

    Dr Dellon recommends "Water Therapy" after surgery on the foot or ankle, and after pudendal nerve surgery. Here is a patient enjoying "Water Therapy" at a pool "south of the border". Clearly this is very therapeutic.

    Susan H.

  • photo-2 2 320x200Dear Dr. Dellon

    I am back at work now without the knee pain that bothered me for so many years. Your knee denervation and neurolysis of the common peroneal nerve and its branches was just what the "Nurse ordered". Thank you Doctor Dellon.

    Carole RN

  • 136 800x600 2Happy New year 2013 to you! Remember that 4 years before you operated on me, a car ran over my left foot leaving me paralyzed in with RSD. Here are two pictures from my Nicaragua trip, the first is pretty self explanitory, but the second one is me attempting to pull a 50 gallon pail of water from a 100ft well! Would never have thought either was possibe if it weren't for you and your surgery on my left leg 3 years ago.

    Joanna, Canada

  • Marti Haub married 3 640x480Dear Dr. Dellon

    Marti and Kent walk down the aisle together. Marti now has had sensation restored to both of her feet. Her neuropathy was caused by chemotherapy. She was able to dance at her wedding following the nerve decompression surgeries on her legs by A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD.

    Marti and Kent

  • DSC08018 3-1 640x480Dear Dr. Dellon,

    I am having fun again riding my bike with my friends and daughter thanks to you Dr Dellon. At age 84, and having my knee replaced twice but being left with severe pain, I had given up on life. Now 3 months after you removed those painful nerves from my knee, I enjoy my life again. Thanks so much!

    John, Pa.

  • Pat Bennner POp 5 years V pain 2 320x200Dear Dr. Dellon

    My former facial pain is gone. It is five years since my surgery. Here I am with a smile on my face thanks to the Dellon Institute. And I do not miss my peripheral nerve stimulator one bit. 


  • sari20marathonDear Dr. Dellon,

    Thank you. I'm doing great! In fact, I ran in the Las Vegas Marathon last month and am teaching 7 classes a week. My foot feels 100% fine... just a little itch on the scar every now and then. Otherwise it's perfect! I would also like to say that the post surgery was completely painless. I didn't have one second of pain, and that was a very pleasant surprise. In fact, I taught kickboxing 4 days after surgery... but only jumped on one foot. I am sending you the picture they took of me at the finish line...

    Sari, Las Vegas, NV

  • photo 640x480Dear Dr. Dellon

    After my pudendal nerve surgery with you 9 months ago , Dr Dellon, I am pretty much back to the normal Mother I was prior to my accident. I have no more groin or pelvic or thigh pain. I can sit on my tush on a hard chair for dinner which I could not do for the past five years. Here I am playing with my children. Note I am sitting on the floor!

    Amy M.

  • DSC08372 3 640x480 Dear Dr. Dellon

    I am smiling after my previously failed tarsal tunnel surgery has been corrected by Dr Dellon. Water therapy helped a great deal. Now I bike and run again. 

    Julie, Southern California

  • volleyball 800x600Peripheral nerve surgery by Dr. Dellon

    Senior Ashleigh S. is a "bright spot" in her high school's volleyball victory. Ashleigh, shown jumping to spike the ball, has been "incredible" as she returns to play after peripheral nerve surgery by Dr Dellon. Dr Dellon made the diagnosis of injured nerves in the thigh and groin area that had disabled Ashleigh for the previous 8 months.

  • MVI 6181I have had 4 stellate ganglion blocks for RSD of my hand without help. Original injury was twisting motion to wrist and forearm. Dr Dellon just blocked the radial sensory nerve and my horrible pain is gone. Soon he will decompress this nerve and I can stop my RSD treatments
  • Ulnar Jenn the Baker Guitar cake 2 320x200Dear Dr. Dellon

    Jenn the Baker returns to unique cooking skills after Dr Dellon corrects her ULNAR NERVE problem. Now ten months after difficult ulnar nerve surgery, Jenn is fully capable to work as a baker.

    Jenn the Baker

  • femgroinDear Dr. Dellon

    I was injured running cross country two years ago. Doctors did not know what caused my pain and fused my back, removed my appendix and part of my ovary. Dr Dellon figured it out. It was a groin pull and a femoral nerve palsy. I am ready to dance and go shopping again!!

    Melissa B.

  • 100 1376Dear Dr. Dellon

    I "escaped from Alcatraz" (swam from the Alcatraz island in San Francisco bay to the shore) thanks to you, Dr Dellon. It is 7 years since you did the surgery for my groin pain. You will remember I got the hernia doing competitive swimming in high school. Now I have completed my masters degree in Community Mental Health Counseling, and coach and swim for a Masters Swim Team. Am now working on my PhD.

    Teresa Rosetti

  • nHello Dr. Dellon,

    As promised, here is a current photo of me on my elliptical machine. Before the summer 2006 and summer 2007 surgeries I had pain in the right foot and numbness in the left and was facing a severe curtailment of my rigorous exercise program.

    Your diagnosis pinpointed an underlying neuropathy missed by others. Following the 2006 surgery on the right foot and lower leg I regained significant function and relief of pain.

    Diane Leos

  • DSC08069 3 640x4801Dear Dr. Dellon

    Robin is smiling now as her previously paralyzed thumb and index finger now can make this perfect circle following Dr Dellon's neurolysis of the median nerve in her forearm.


  • johnAfter Dr Dellon's surgery to relieve nerve compressins in both of my feet, and my hips/thighs, my neuropathy symptoms have dramatically improved.  I had been in unbearable pain, but Dr Dellon's surgery enabled me to lead a normal pain free life, which I did not believe was ever possible.  In fact, the attached family photo of a recent visit to our historic Mormon Temple would not have been possible without Dr Dellon's amazing skill!  He has restored my entire quality of life!


  • tennis 800x600Katie's recovery from her snow skiing injury 4 years ago, in which her leg became paralyzed, is due to your brilliant surgery. This brings tears to our eyes. She is playing here for her High School's Tennis Championship.

    We are forever grateful to you Dr Dellon.

  • brandt 320x200State trooper returns to work, able to wear gun belt again after injured nerve at hip is removed by Dr Tim Tollestrup and Dr Lee Dellon. Twelve years of pain was caused by falling upon the pistol in its holster which injured the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, resulting in thigh pain.
  • Groin Pull  II IH Terri Rosetti PhD  3 800x600I hope all is well with you. As always, when my degree was conferred my family and I thought of you. I know I could never be walking the halls of the hospital without the amazing gift you gave me. I will forever and always be grateful for the life you returned to me; without that my opportunities were limited and my dreams were unreachable. Thank you is truly not enough.

    Teresa R, PsyD

  • Dana 2 Test 320x200Migraine headaches are gone following surgery on the occipetal nerve by Dr Dellon.  "I was able to overcome my 12 years of suffering, and your surgery changed my life.  I have been wanting to get this surgery known and out to the public somehow so that people can consider it for themselves". Here are photos from my wedding, 6 months after your surgery relieved my pain.

  • grointestDear Dr. Dellon,

    Thank you for relieving my severe pain and helping me walk again. A basketball injury from 4 years ago caused my progressive right hip pain. This chronic pain worsened to the point that I could not lift my leg out of the car, climb stairs or get on and off a bed or couch. All my life I played sports and in my adult years continued with a daily exercise routine until the pain crippled me. Since having surgery by you, I am able to golf 18 holes again and participate in a daily exercise program. I am grateful to be painfree and have this quality of life again.


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