List of 13 scientific papers published by Dr Dellon in 2013

Publications 2013 by A Lee Dellon MD PhD

Peer Reviewed Journals:

  1. Barac, S, Jiga, L, Barac, B, Hoinoiu, T, Dellon, AL, Ionac, M, Hindpaw withdrawal from a painful thermal stimulus after sciatic nerve compression and decompression in the diabetic rat, J Reconstr Microsurg, 29:63-66, 2013
  2. Valdivia Valdivia, JM, Weinand, M, Maloney, CTJr, Blount, A, Dellon, AL, Surgical treatment of superimposed, lower extremity, peripheral nerve entrapment in patients with diabetic and idiopathic neuropathy, Ann Plastic Surg, 70:675-679, 2013.
  3. Rose, N, Forman, S, Dellon, AL, Denervation of the lateral humeral epicondyle for treatment of chronic lateral humeral epicondylitis, J Hand Surg, Amer, 38:344-349, 2013.
  4. Reichl, H, Ensat, F, Dellon, AL, Wechselberger, G, Successful delayed reconstruction of common peroneal neuroma-in-continuity using sural nerve graft, Microsurg, 33:160-163, 2013.
  5. Gohritz, A, Dellon, AL, Guggeneheim, M, Spies, M, Vogt, PM, Otfrid Foerster (1873-1941): A Widely Unrecognized Pioneer of Reconstructive Peripheral Nerve Surgery, J Reconstr Microsurg, 29:33-44, 2013.
  6. Gohritz, A, Vogt, PM, Kaiser, E, Dellon, AL, Nikolaus Rüdinger (1832-1896), his Description of Joint Innervation in 1857 and the History of Surgical Joint Denervation, J Reconst Microsurg, accepted January , 2013
  7. Dellon, AL, Discussion of “Anatomy of the supra-trochelar nerve: implications for the treatment of migraine headaches by Jeff Janis, et al, Plast Reconstr Surgery, 131:844e-7e, 2013.s
  8. Gohritz, A, Dellon, AL, Kalbermattern, D, Fulco, I, Tremp, M, Shaeffer, D, Jointpreserving surgery for osteoarthris, Foot & Ankle Clin N. Amer, 18:571-589, 2013.
  9. Hashemi, SS , Cheikh, I, Dellon, A.L., Prevalence of the Tinel sign in extremities of patients with diabetes in a community-based practice, J Diabet & Metab, 4:3, 2013.
  10. Magarakis, M, Venkat, R, Dellon, AL, Shridharani, SM, , Bellamy, J, Vaca, EE, Jeter, SC Zoras,O, Manahan, MA, Rosson,GD , Pilot Study of Breast Sensation after Breast Reconstruction: Evaluating the Effects of Radiation Therapy and Perforator Flap Neurotization on Sensory Recovery, Microsurg, 33:421-433, 2013.
  11. Melendez, M, Glickman, L, Dellon, AL, Peroneal Nerve Injuries in Ice Skaters, Clin Research Foot & Ankle, 1:100-102, 2013. Doi:10.4172/crfa1000102
  12. Chhabra, A, Wadhawa, V, Thakkar, RS, Carino, JA, Dellon, AL. Correlation of recurrent ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow and 3Tessla MR Neurography, Canadian J Plastic Surg, 21:186-189, 2013.
  13. Spiegel, AJ, Salazar-Reyes, H, Izaddoost, S, Menn, Z, Eldor, L, Dellon, AL, Breast reinnervation: DIEP neurotization using the third anterior intercostal nerve, Plast Reconstr Surg Global, November 2013, 1:8 p372 doi:10.1097/GOX.0000000000000008 video at
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