Axogen prepares for March launch of the AcroVal Neurosensory Motor Testing System which includes the PSSD, Digit Grip and Pinch Device that was developed initially by Dr Dellon and Nebojska Kovecivic. The AcroVal version of the PSSD is uses the touch screen of the Microsoft Surface. Previous versions used, sequentially from 1989 version I, an IBM lap top, then a PDA in 2007 and finally a small touch screen in the most recent version from 2012. The AcroVal system is seen on the table below. The group pictured here include the Axogen team that on March 3 and 4, 2016, met with Dr. Dellon and Luiann Greer in Henderson, Nevada, for a Neurosensory Training Seminar, the program for which is seen below.

Axogen Acroval Training 3 4 16



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