Femoral Nerve Palsy/Pain

I was injured running cross country two years ago. Doctors did not know what caused my pain and fused my back, removed my appendix and part of my ovary. Dr Dellon figured it out. It was a groin pull and a femoral nerve palsy. I am ready to dance and go shopping again!!


 Treated by Dr Eric H. Williams, Baltimore, MD

Young female suffered for many months with persistent refractory anterior thigh burning pain keeping her from exercise and making daily activities difficult and painful. She was diagnosed with a compression of the femoral nerve and the anterior femoral cutaneous nerve. She has had an excellent recovery after surgery by Dr. Eric Williams.



Groin pain and femoral nerve palsy after hernia surgery.

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Deep Peroneal Nerve Entrapment


Video by Dr. Eric Williams

This young athlete is now 2.5 months from a decompression of the common peroneal nerve and removal of a small piece of abnormal bone pressing into the common peroneal nerve branches. His pain is not completely gone and he is back to running and swimming with out any painful symptoms.


8 weeks after Dr Dellon's nerve release surgery, gymnast returns to floor exercises

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Treated by Dr Eric H.  Williams, Baltimore, MD

Woman with severe chronic right foot and toe pain due to compressions of common peroneal nerve, proximal tibial nerve, deep peroneal nerve, and common digital nerve to the second web space. She is only one week from surgery and already has had major improvement in sensation and pain in her foot and toes



After release of her nerve entrapment in the foot she resumed her ice skating career.

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RSD: Hand Pain

My left hand is not perfect but so much better. Here is what I make this week. Thanks. Happy Holidays. Olga

Latke dog from Olga

I was unable to use my left hand after I fell and broke my wrist two years ago. I am just 16 now. I developed CRPS and the pain prevented me from doing anything. Here is a movie my Dad took of me after your surgery just 6 weeks ago. You denervated my wrist and decompressed one pinched nerve. I can now move my thumb and wrist. And here are some photos of me cooking again. Thank you Dr. Dellon.

joint pain 001

joint pain 002

My left hand has been painful, cold and useless for 2 years after complications of brachial artery aneurism surgery. One day after your nerve surgery, my fingers are warm, have feeling and I can enjoy holding my cat again. Tx Dr Dellon

Dr. Dellon.

This is a note from Bill Gately’s lower right arm.  Prior to meeting you I was a huge pain to him and he was very unhappy with me.  I became a pain to him every day after his second shoulder arthroscopy. The orthopedist and the anesthetist were completely mystified by the pain. Pain management flooded me with lidocaine which only caused me to feel warm and numb and tingly for a few minutes at a time.

He would not let me play with his kids. He could not reach out with me, his dominant hand. He stopped letting me type and most of what he thought about me involved the pain I caused him.

Then we learned about you and your approach to chronic pain.  Where others failed you saw a solution.  Where the only advice was to learn to live with the pain you offered hope. You diagnosed, successfully. Nine months ago, you operated successfully.

As Bill’s lower arm, I am happy to report that I am now a happy part of his body again. The pain I once caused him daily has subsided.  He can now do all the wonderful things we use to do together. In the photos below, you will see me playing with two of our kids. I can also now type again and allow Bill to sleep through the night.

Thanks again for your wonderful service.

Sincerely , Bill Gately’s lower right arm.

IMG 0217  IMG 0223

I am the cello player. using the new left index finger tip Dr Dellon made for me. Fingertip on the strings again. CS

fingertip graft Cameron Swazin 2 years on Cello

Ten years ago you operated on fixed the RSD in my useless left hand. Thank God, because I now have injured my right hand and my rely on the hand you fixed. CR from PA

DSC018941 DSC018902

9 yrs after at Work spear fishing

I am spear fishing and back at work 9 years now since my accident. Only thing you did not give me back was my missing little finger.Want some lobster Dr Dellon?

The Cowboy in Belize



I have had 4 stellate ganglion blocks for RSD of my hand without help. Original injury was twisting motion to wrist and forearm. Dr Dellon just blocked the radial sensory nerve and my horrible pain is gone. Soon he will decompress this nerve and I can stop my RSD treatments.

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Seven previous wrist and forearm surgeries did not relieve my wrist pain. Then Dr. Dellon removed the painful nerves to the joint and skin. No more RSD. And I can flex my wrist without pain.  Carla MH

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In the two years post op, one career has ended, pastry chef, and another has begun Canine Artist.. and I have God and A LEE DELLON, to thank for the opportunity to become an artist. I am thankful for my steady dominant hand, that allows me to paint endless hours, without even a remembrance of what my hand felt like, or looked like, before surgery. Again, many thanks. and YES,Dr Dellon, I still make the best dang post op brownies.

Surgery by Dr. Eric Williams

This 15 year old boy is 3 months from decompression of the proximal median nerve in the forearm, carpal tunnel release, and the radial sensory nerve on the left arm. He nine months of severe pain and weakness in his left hand after a fracture of his forearm. Several weeks after surgery his pain and weakness are now gone. He is back to sports without pain. His grip is improved, and he is back to normal.


My left arm aneurysm surgery saved my arm and maybe my life. But nerve damage I sustained from that surgery left me dependent on pain killers. Worst than that, I lost my ability to focus on my job, my life and I lost my ability to do the activities I enjoyed. I started a one year long search to get help and finally found Dr Dellon. Dr Dellon corrected the nerve problems in my left arm, and gave me my life back for sure. I can now use my left arm and hand to go fishing with my kids on our boat again. I am off my narcotics. Now, two years after the surgery, I was able to go back to the martial arts school and continue my training. Thank you so much Dr Dellon. (I am the one kicking and striking with the left hand)

Wrist Pain 


Mickie Hale, Orting, WA, September 2006

"Four years of total inability to use my right hand due to an accident at work was corrected in an afternoon with Dr. Dellon. I had been through numerous surgeries, doctors, specialists and tests...all told me that my condition was 'something I had to live with'. Dr. Dellon said, "No you don't!" It's been a year since my surgery and I've personally used my right hand to hand write every doctor I've ever seen regarding this that they need to advance their knowledge to Dr. Dellon's techniques. They work! I have my hand back!"


 Crushed Hand


Finger and Hand Paralysis



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